Gunung Irau

Leaving KL for Gunung Irau together with Eric, Vivian and the rest of the group(52 all together)…approximate time of departure : 0500 hrs. Mount Irau is the highest peak in Cameron Highland (Pahang, Malaysia). This would be my first hike up a mountain. Hill climbs are not counted in as i climb regularly when i was in Kuantan (Pahang, Malaysia), for leisure and also as part of my training. Looking forward for tomorrow’s hike ! For your info, the peak is at 2110m above sea level and has a border marker shared by 2 states – Pahang and Perak. Will update and report after the descend on Sunday. Wish me luck !!!!

excited jewelz   branding..heheh  car captain tuh..   irau hikers..


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  1. hi jewelz,

    hows the trip to irau??

    i am going there this weekend…by any chance anyone from your group use GPS to track the trail?? can forward me a copy if you have…thanx


  2. Hi yen! thanks for the comment! as for the 1st question, i’ll be updating the irau report pretty soon. so, do hold on !! quite busy earlier this week that i didnt quite had the time to write in. regarding the use of gps, no, we didn’t use GPS for tracking. we basically relied on our regular trekkers as well as the assistance of tony who acted as our chief and guide.the track was quite clear as there were markers all the way.

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