Learning to Let Go and Move On

Dear friends..from my personal view,each and everyone of us has a course already laid out in front of us.of course,we can’t really see it, but we know that we have to keep going on no matter what.we do not take our own sweet time in everything as this current life we’re in is rather short. We keep going on, with our iman,ilmu and belief that there’s no harm in moving on.To stay put too long at certain stages/situations on life will only invite trouble,if not now later.

we,human,sometimes are very proud with ourselves, with the so-called philosophies,ideologies,faiths,princips that we ‘hold’ on.Now,there’s nothing wrong over hiyah !! just that,whatever we conciously or subconciously believe in musn’t be too extreme until we become rigid,non-flexible, and always wanting to walk ‘that straight path’ of life

i believe there’s no straight path in life, at least the path of my life.Even Cinderella didn’t have that ‘straight path’..and why would that be? This is because the life we’re living in is always full of wonders/surprises (and the unexpected). i am not sure where/what will i be in the next 10 years ? i do not know if the relationship that im involved in will be the same way in the next 5 years..(or even next week ?!).

basically,we can plan,strategize,prepare and work hard for what we think is best for us.And at the end of the road,after we’ve been through the long and rough patches,we know we deserve that WIN,Success,Achievement,whatever we may call it.But REMEMBER what i mentioned earlier .LIFE is FULL of SURPRISES.by whom ? who ? how ? why ? by Allah of course.If we say we have Faith in Him , why then is it sometimes difficult for us to accept things that Allah Knows best ?. Most of the time we get what we want,on time,after all the hard work.. but sometimes after all the struggle,we do not see any results.. we may quit trying,while others keep on trying.some may try work something else out and wait patiently for the ‘outcome’.. some may just change the destination/target,head for something else,something even better..i always believe that there is always a way out in any difficulties.Failing and not achieving something you badly desire isn’t the end of this world.It is a test when we fail to get what we want.It is a test that Allah delays what we want.. It is a test that Allah doesn’t Give at all what we wanted for so much now.This is because He wants to Give us something Better later !

So to everyone (reading this), including myself..look on the brighter side of life.its long and testing to achieve Happiness,Success or even… LOVE..So live life cool.Patience is part of Iman.so be patient,better things will eventually come your way.but don’t just sit there of course ! smile,laugh,relax,pray..pray that Allah blesses you with the ‘strength’ to go though this life.


8 thoughts on “Learning to Let Go and Move On

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  1. Hey julie.. hope u doing fine… this is something yang i alwiz have to go thru..working hard but no results in the end… but i do believe Allah knows best…i really like this article macam entah.. uplifting and real… write more!

  2. haloo julie..aku pun hope ko doing fine.best ahh ko nyer writing nie.mcm ahli falsafah.anyway dalam life nie yang paling penting berilmu dan beramal.yang lain2 dah ditentukan.am i right.ok chow…wasalam….

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