it’s been a while since i last went for a photography outing.Well, last saturday i decided to go2cherating for some photos..with the bonus, of breathtaking sceneries .Since its only 2 days before CNY, most of my friends have gone home ..(and i haven’t..).But it didn’t take me too long to consider who to angkut with me 3 mornings ago.I woke up @ 10 past 6 in d morning (thanks to my senior), who also came with me to Cherating.Roughly around 6.30am i was already @ stadium makmur waiting for another friend, Azrul.the morning drive to Cherating was okay, not much traffic..despite the speeding and law-breaking (double line), we didn’t get to Cherating on time to catch the sunrise.Anyway , the post sunrise view was VERY breath taking.You might find it hard to imagine this , but i was actually smiling to myself most of the time,at the beach.The scenery was soooooo beautiful.. senyum puas hati to see something so natural and beautiful.and this is one of many times you can appreciate your God’s creation and its perfection.

Azrul and I brought our own cameras.Snap here , snap there , pose , candid etc..I manage to snap up till 40 photos . I’ve uploaded some of them in fotopages, so do care to drop by to have a look at some of the shots taken during this trip.Azrul was using a nikon, i think, but i’m not too sure what model it is.Anyway,he allowed me to use his camera for a few shots, and i think for this kind of photography, I find that his cam is easier to use,plus i can manually adjust the lens. The stretch of beach we went to is less then 10km from the junction to Kuantan port. I’ve been to this beach once before with another friend, but i didn’t bring my camera that time.

Besides the 3 of us, there were other people too at the beach.The beach isn’t popular , so tak ramai sangat orang.Ada pakcik yang sedang jog , and ada another couple walking … and that’s it.Well , we were at the beach for nearly 2 hours.And soon , it was time to head back to Kuantan.For breakfast behind the golf club (a quite hidden restaurant), and to send my friend to Jln Hospital.

In the afternoon i went to Mr.William’s house for a pre-CNY lunch visit.William is the vice head for Pacesetters ,Kuantan Area.for those of you who doesn’t know about Pacesettters, do drop by at their webbie.Mrs.Sharon , William’s wife was at the kitchen baking cakes and cookies for CNY.Some cookies were ready to be walap-ed by me and Azrul..sedap gile..we had chicken rice for lunch , then later after taking a gambar kenangan, i had to make a move..Mana taknye, it was already 2pm , and i haven’t pack my stuff to balik !! Ingatkan sempat to develop the photos, tapi tak sempat.

I made it on time for the flight.Slept throughout the 40 minutes trip.Tired..


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