As of December and January…

assalamualaikum..hi,ive got a few interesting updates here.. just a few.. my last post was last improvement ahh for someone who rajin to start a blog but sometimes malas(or should i say ‘most times’)..anyway, i ran my 1st Pacesetters run yesterday,as a pacesetters previous 3 runs were organized by KRI (kelab runners ipoh) , Hash Harrier Kuantan as well as MCA Youth Kuantan..

on 25th November last year , i ran my 1st half-marathon , organized by Hash Harrier.. i didn’t have time for a proper training, because it was a really Really busy month , with 2 finals back to back , in fact there was a test the following tuesday.. anyway, despite the lazy-ness (let me translate that,,, despite the “kemalasan”) to run or train for my soon-to-be maiden half marathon , i managed to turn up around 6am at the Stadium Makmur.. sampai2 didn’t see anyone i know.. until i saw mr Tan Wah Sing , our President for Pacesetter’s Kuantan

then i start seeing other familiar faces.. william ,eng bee hoon,jason.. not many women runners.. roughly around 10% only.. it was still in the monsoon season last month,so weather was gloomy,no sunshine..ayya..6 oclock mana ada sunshine lagi kan ?? heheh,,anyway, it started raining a few minutes before start off.. well,at that time, i didn’t know if it was good or not , if it’s gonna help me or not.the route was not as ‘hill-y and dreadful’ as the run yesterday..(great eastern pacesetters 30k) , but i managed to finish the run within qualifying time.. i came in 4th, with the time of 2hrs 20mins..kay, 4th because tak ramai runners,tiada apa yg perlu dibanggakan there..just that , for my 1st ever half-mara, it was a good start.hash harrier members , i must say , are somehow different from the kuantan pacestters .. sampai2 je dah kena tegur with one of the uncle(im didnt ask for his name , but i guess he must be one of the club’s committee)..he made a comment on my attire.. i was wearing track pants.i always wore track pants for any run that i enter.. he said next time wear short pants inside,and tracks outside , and once ur out of d campus ,u can strip off the tracks.. hum..very wise and motivating advice uh.. ?! i wasn’t pissed or anything, just surprised with the ‘warm welcome’..

one of d places that will be crossed for the run is UIA..lalalalalalala….i was really hoping that i get to pass UIA before the bus going to Gumum health camp comes out.. tapi apa yg diharapkan hancuss… i was around 500m from uia when i saw the bus came out.the road was semi-dark as it wasn’t even, i really hope no1 on the bus noticed me.not that im famous or what..ahh.. famous ?? funny word to describe this situation of mine..only 1 person from campus knew i was running that day.even my roomies didn’t know.heheheh..anyway, it WAS raining all the way .. nose too,started running after the Bukit Istana route..running,,running.. and i didn’t have any tissue paper or hanky in my pocket to help me.lucky there was another runner who offered me his tissue paper..kay..i can’t remember the name of the next ‘Jln.’ we passed,but it was around the 12k when the ‘uncle’ which i mentioned earlier passed that time, my track pants was already giving me it was raining, i was drenched top to toe,and the tracks were putting extra burden on me..ayya..well,good point for the ‘uncle’ to yak yak at me..kay,ears in this time.i got ur point uncle,but i think u’ve to be ‘ethical’ too.not all people are comfortable with shorts.3quarters,maybe.IF i had nicer legs,than i would consider…(ahakss…naughty me)..anyway, forget bout the attire issue.i was concentrating on the run..

i passed a few big and ‘baggy’ uncles after the 10k mark.there was about 2 or 3 drink stations (a pity i cant remember.yeah,short memory).1 runner said to me, if u see patch of grass,run on it.. lesser force/pressure on your knees.true enough , it i was behind him for the last 8k, i tried out the new tip.hehe..half way down Jln Bukit Ubi towards the stadium , a blue range rover passed was my cousin.luckily he didn’t perasan me.i told u i’m not famous.hehehheheh!!!!! well,there was 2 runners ahead of me,one lady , Mrs Soh and the uncle who gave me the good-for-your -knee tip..i couldnt bother to lawan Mrs Soh as my left toe were already crying out for help..hell my toe really hurt..hujan,kaki basah,kembang,and God knows what happened beneath those socks.. well,i crossed the finishing line,got my medal and learnt that i came in 4th ! yee haa… berbaloi jugak yekk.

if i beat mrs soh , sure dapat prize ..heheh..but a finisher medal and cert was MORE than vellu didnt run for this event because a gas tank actually felled on his feet.luckily he didnt have any major fracture ! ok,i havent finish my story with the horrible attack came.. ‘ey,didnt pacesetters teach u to change into dry clothes after running?’ ..damn.. this time,was beginning to get pissed.and another came.. if u wore shorts,u could have beaten mrs soh.. impressive .. whatever lah uncle, as if i care if i got to beat mrs soh or long i’m happy with that day’s run, that’s good enuff.the other pacestters congratulate me.kay hafta stop now lah.comp lab closing soon.till tomorrow.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

=finally,got to meet hairul azwar !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Great Eeastern Pacesetters 30k)=


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