assalamualaikum ..i AM NOT suppose to be writing THIS right now. i AM SUPPOSE to be at the table reading and revising on renal physio !!!!!!!!!!!! but since im going 2b in the library till 10.30pm , might as well online kejap.d table where im seated is 3 meters away from the computer lab door.that explains how i got my feet tip toeing to this place..hahaha.. dinner was was dinner.munching away tadi..and not sharing with any1..who to share with ah ? sofas don’t eat pizzza..hehe..sorry lame ass joke.i ran my 3rd 10k (this year)last month..20th november.start off was around 7am .. ran and ran tak ingat ape..eng bee hoon was tailing me from behind..after the 3km mark she pintas me ..wooo… it was drizzling the first 20 mins.. than the rest of the run was sun and shine.ended up 5th place..eng bee hoon got 4th..crysall got 6th.. im surprised i beat this chinese gal.haha..anyway, there’s another half marathon comin up..dunno if im going to join or not..william already regis for fact he forwarded his money 4me !! (still hafta pay later rite..)..havent even start training.. william,jason and even kamarul shamsul called & advised me, you can do it , you can do it..yeah..betul,i can do it.tapi malas..nak buat macam mana nie ?? hoo hooo…


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