shah alam 10k 2005

salamz.. i went home last weekend .legally this to spend time with the family ! and gotta join d run in Shah Alam. it was a fantastic weekend..! reached gombak around 5pm,was at home around 6pm.8pm off to Ahmad’s surprise party ! Ahmad is one of my lil cousins.well that he’s 16 this year,he’s no lil anymore lah.anyway,it was a great evening for me,my siblings and other cousins.the food was good..yeah,fantastic and yummy chicken chop,steak,salad..had 2 helpings..ayyoo..i was totally focusing on my main course while others are already starting dessert.anyway,party started soon after din din was over..dancing&karaoke.. which i didn’t join !!! ayya..fully loaded with the good food in my tummy lah..snucked out4a frappucino at coffee bean,kak Diha came. and imee didn’t want to be left behind,so she joined too !!! was kinda fun coz its a rare occasion me,n my other 2 cousins get to gether,in my car , going out just for take-away drink and come back !! fun fun fun…haha..nvm,all that im saying is that i appreciate those rare but precious moments lah. next day,went riding !! Anter,Princess..princess was so fast ! anter was much better ..

that afternoon history was about to reveal itself !!! heheh..managed a get-together with 3 of my ole skool mates… !!!!!!!!!!! imagine after 12 years tak jumpa,and suddenly these 3 ladies were at my place , catching on old times, exchanging the latest updates ! afina never stopped talking about her guy ! Teta just got a job at Citibank !!! congrats dear !!! while amy is thinking which job offer should she accept ! way to go lady !! humm..and as for me…still studying here in IIUM..well,different people goes thru different path thru their life .right ?! around 5.30pm we headed for polo club together with my siblings.. hafiz joined us a few minutes after we arrived.everyone was cool,and we watched polo ! later showed them around the stables.afina managed to ride on 1 of dad’s horses..ahaha..well,suddenly i became the unofficial guide for RSPC..haha..amy and teta with their endless questions about the club and world of i know so much !!?! but i did try my best lah. that eve,had dinner at home..and uhm, slept early coz i was so tired !!! and after a long and memorable day.memorable…yeah… but only 1 part menyampah..coz i saw ‘him’..but wuttaheck was just one of those instance menyampahness which i felt everytime i see sum1 who had done much damage2my life.but then,life goes on,and ive to learn to stand up to it no matter how hard or painful it can be… i slept early coz the day after ive to run Shah Alam 10k !!!! yeay !!! it was my 2nd 10k. the first was was earlier this year ; Larian Mesra Rakan Cop 2005 at the KL police hq.but for this one i didnt do much training..! but i was excited as hell.woke up around 5am coz 5.30am hafta leave the house.the run starts at 7am but hafta leave early coz ive to get my t-shirt from jaja at uitm seksyen my t-hirt&number ,changed , and then headed for dataran Shah those who havent been to dataran shah alam,i think its worth a drive to this part of Shah Alam..beautiful place i tell
you.and 56hoperoad270the sultan salahudin mosque..breathtaking !!!! sampai kat dataran shah alam tuh,did a lil bit stretching,and headed for the starting line..i missed half of the,tak kisah lah..i was already excited to start ! so there i was at the start line. pakciks surrounding me..haha..all look so tuff&strong despite their age..and Khir Toyo , (yeah,the selangor MB) was less then 3 m away from me,on a stage built just for the starting.. the gun cracked,and off we go !!!!!!!! the track wasn’t as challenging as the larian mesra rakan cop.not much of junctions..only straight roads…just the hill part susah siket.. my thigh wasn’t that strong to run up the hill,so i brief walked whenever i come to a steep hill lah..kay…at the start of the race,ramai malay gurls/ladies ..but after 20 minutes not only the malays ,but the chinese female participants gradually disappeared from my sight..not dissolved in to thin air lah..hahah..basically,i was in the middle group together with other male participants from the A category !!!! ayyaa.. anyway,i just kept a constant pace throughout the run.konon bawa shuffle,but didnt have time to put it on lah !! so,it was there in my pocket.!5km mark >> 100 plus ! grabbed 2 cups..yeah,running and drinking.teruk kan.haha..but both went IN the bin after that lah..and any public run pon,all the rubbish they left behind is unquestionnable.macam tak sah je not to haf rubbish all over the place everytime ada public event..wuteva.. kay..there was no sign which says how far we’ve ran,but as soon as i saw the wisma MBSA,i knew i will reach the finishing line soom.haha..lari ,lari….!!!.one more HUGE roundabout to go b4 the straight road towards the finish line..2 minutes later i was THERE ! got the cert. … better part,it wasnt just the certificate,but i could feel the weight of the medal in the plastic cover !! hehe..finisher medal !!!!! 56hoperoad278managed to see my placing from the officer who was standing at the finishing lane.i got 24th place ! hehe..oklah tuh ! MBSA had 100 finisher medal for each category !!! i was never concerned bout timing.,but this time i actually took a look at my watch..approximately an hour..i dunno how bad or good this is,but i think its cool enuff for beginners like my free drinks ;milo & 100 plus..and also free The Star !!

anyway,after that terus balik.missed the speech given by MB selangor.. @ home helped iskandar with his homework.lunch was @ home that d eve watched polo 4d last time b4 i headed back to ktn.wasnt much of polo watching tho that day..was talking with to syazna,my sis & dad.and when it was time to leave4d airport,kissed my siblings goodbye,then off i went.. indeed it was such a wonderful weekend.i enjoyed every bit of it. (“.) to teta,amy,afina,&hafiz,thanks for coming.luv y’all !! to my siblings(if ever ur gonna read my blog) thanks for being at the best of ur you all already..!!! to other ppl who’s reading this,do make it a point to spend a quality weekend with ur family/frens and get to do what u wanted to do so badly.. i gotta spend time with my family,n old frens,and i gotta run !!!! hehe.. we may be busy with work,studies or attending to other wolrdly affairs,but remember moments such as the ones ive experienced the recent weekend doesnt come around that often if u know what i mean.always cherish the moments coz we don’t know when the next time it’ll come again.if it ever comes again lah. as for now,im back to uni life..will be focusing on the next coming test and of course the dreaded finals ! wouldnt be running till november , coz tak lama lagi Ramadhan !!!!!! the next run is on th 20/11 Ipoh ! nt sure if im going to join that 1 or not..kaylah,enuff for now..nanti boring plak cerita panjang2 nieh.adios !


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