assalamualaikum.some people forget the day , date , or even month !! means, there are too many things to do , to be accomplished , in such ‘little’ time.we indulge ourselves in our daily activities , in our careers , or whatever we’re up to at the moment , but sometimes fail to realize that we’re actually moving WITH time.my point is,if we ignore the very existence of time , we will easily get panicked when we realise that time waits for no human.especially human like me !! its already near July..and near august..hehe..and , next week is already the first mini test..i say..and yet , i’m ‘lagging’ in so many things.things aren’t synchronized at the moment..i’ve got many topics to cover , enough time to study but i’m sometimes clumsy with my time management !!!..the typical sentence would have been ‘ive got so many things to do yet so little time !!!!!!!’

regading the taaruf thingy , its already in the second days.today i saw more new faces around me coz they have a few sessions somewhere near the lecture hall and computer lab , (thats where i bumped into them).managed to smile at them , but i wasn’t so sure of the response ..you know what i mean lah.but they all look fine, which is important to them and us seniors.the comittee were very busy , running around , contributing their best to make the taaruf week a successful one.so to all taaruf commitee , congratulations for the effort and of course, hardwork !! may Allah bless you.to amirul , you know how busy these times could be for a 2nd year medical candidate..dengan mini testnyer , lab reports and other things.

i was at home the recent weekend..its wass to packed and busy for a 3 days stay.wasn’t relaxing at all coz i had to watch my adik2 , and organize for my brother’s birthday party at home..(swept the garage , wiped all the dusty plastic chairs!!,bla bla bla..)..that was on sunday.on satuday , managed to catch some quality times with my adik and also cousins.i couldnt have guessed this..but i actually played futsal with them at the sports complex in ampang.so much fun eventhough its tiring!! tak cukup stamina !! unlike my lil sis who’s up and down the futsal court without any sign of slowing down.and yeah,she scored most of the goals for her team .cool huh ?!! anyway,i better stop here coz ive got many more things to attend to outside e-world..i hope you all will have good times for the rest of the week.take care ok !!


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