the recent WEEKEND…

Its been helluva weekend..hum..Something unexpected happened. Something stinky yingky!! Last minute reshuffle of plans, and uhm…yeah, managed to handle it smoothly, managed to distress myself. Deserved it, and I don’t think anyone could have managed to give what I deserve to myself but myself!! Anyway, no point blurting out things which I wouldn’t want to go in detail here online. I hope everyone reading this post DID have a good weekend. And hopefully with the start of this new week, we WILL have a good 7 days ahead. J Pray from God for that one, maybe He’ll give you more than what you expect. I’m still in this blog phenomenon even knowing the fact that most of the blogs are either left un-updated or even if they were updated, not much hits..Wuteva la rite, as long as we’re happy with whatever we do.

Kay , nie nak inform, that I’ve changed number. So, try to get it yourself ahh..hehehehe..jangan mare…security purposes ma.and to those yang I didn’t contact as frequent as before, minta maaf okay. This new academic session stared off quite turbulently…erm..banyak kena revise and macam-macam lagi. and I’m really working and hoping it would be a better session , with better results of course ! to those yang dah grad , ‘Congrats !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’ and yang congrats too to those yang dah start kerja.. best nyer lah kan !! and to frens yang baru kahwin , semoga kekal bahagia ke anak cucu. .. Sazaroni my classmate from TKC just got married last 2 Saturdays..and Kamarul Shamsul ,senior from SMART got married last month . both weddings I didn’t go ! darn.. tapi congrats ekk korang !!

Eh,macam panjang plak this time arr..ngantuk plak tulis panjang2 nie (“panjang” sangat….!! )..dah la tadi makan macam …. Had nasi ,tomyam ayam,lai ci kang n air limau suam..alhamdulillah ada rezeki nak makan banyak mcm hopefully this stomach of mine tak akan meragam later on. Kay , till then folks. Have a nice week okay !!! may Allah bless all of you..

Ps : here’s a few words of on and tell me if u agree or not !! “success means something different to each one of us,but it comes to those who are willing to work hard and who continue to be dedicated to making their dreams come true…”


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