Sleepy Day….

slept around 1am , woke up 6 hrs time to revise anything , skipped breakfast , luckily wasn’t late for class , i was so sleepy !!!! eee….tensionnyer..and my usual classmate who sits beside me came late today i think..she sat no one to gimme a neck massage !! hum….now its the 1/2 hr break.. after this Pharmacology lecture with Prof.Tariq.. bumped into him at the corridor on d way to comp lab just now.. ‘Assalamualaikum Prof..’..then reply.or maybe he did reply.whispering.hahaha..anyway , no offense there..just that he speaks so softly that even on the microphone , we have to stick out our ears , and tympanic membrane to get a clearer hearing !! kay lah , nothing much to be said here.. cheers !! and have a nice day !


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