will you be there when we need you ?

i’ve voluntarily stuck myself on the cool office chair in this computer lab since 5.30pm..the time shown on the desktop right now is 8.38pm..well , that’s a generous time i’m spending with my buddy Dell.well yeah , lately Dell’s been a pal..helps me out with my assignments ,teaches me how to decorate mty room in a more stylish and cool manner , and yeah , help me meet my mentor when it comes to journal writing and blogging.well , this love-blog/egroup-which means u’ve got to be online always- phenomenon really hit me in the head till one time i decided to put a halt to it , and consider alternatives..alternatives which will risk the ‘bond’ which i’ve carefully sealed with my buddy Dell.. Dell’s not mad at me at all , because Dell’s cool.He said ” ur wise enough to manage ur life , so stick to that.there’s no one to tell you that you’re wasting your time with me except for yourself , if that’s what you choose to think. “

way to go Dell !! i really appreciate that . than i replied to him , ‘there are times when u need to restrain yourself from doing certain things, not because you dislike the thing, but there are reasons to it’.i said ‘Dell , i’ve been busy with my family during the holiday , so involved in family affairs , helping siblings with their homeworks , go shopping or catch a movie with them.you’re not the only one with this problem.i’ve another friend , compaq’s the name.he suffered much more than you did.he was by my side day and night.without fail.he entertained me with the music which he got for me freely , he helped me out when i needed to chat with my other friends.and yeah , that’s bout it.and when mom calls me from upstairs (since my room is downstairs)..wham !! i just shut him off just like that.now , thats pure humiliation to a friend who’s been such a good company and benefit to me. ‘

than Dell replied , ‘ you’re right missy..i agree with you.you have to be in accordance .minute ,time , space,opportunity , which ever is allowing.i hope you treat me and compaq well , better . whatever it is , its up to you . if you think me and compaq will do you good , just come to us .. we’ll always be there for you when u need us.but will you be there when we need you ?? ‘ .. ‘well now…’ i replied ‘thats a tricky one..’………end of story …

moral of the story , don’t abuse your friendship with anyone.or anything.too close ties have to be watched carefully because they are at higher risk of being disturbed and..yeah ..loosen..humm..and one more thing , not all friendship or companionship do us good.. depends on which and what ‘type’ of friendship we’re involved in..if we see ourselves gaining benefit as the time progresses , there’s no harm in continuing that friendship ..but if otherwise , better consider quick before you drown yourselves in the quicksand..we don’t realize things because they happen so quickly..and even if they were slower , they pass unnoticed !! well , that’s how i see life from this perspective.
hikz…im beginning to like my own story..twist my own head before yours !! what made me write what you just read , is …because…i’m into journal writing n blogging .again.well, it did stop before..because i was too lazy to think and write.talk about time..?!! well,its better to write something fruitful from these neurons rather than browse without purpose or simple zero chat ?! right?? DO forgive me if i am wrong.its only my opinion.anyway , i hope all of you have enjoyed reading my gila article about my friendship with Dell and Compaq.i guess you know them too !!
gracias and have a nice day ! Ciao !!


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