monday again

today alhamdulillah woke up ‘quite’ early despite the late night finishing off some assignments.and today i have another ‘unofficial one ‘ forwarded to me by razie.anyway , the recent weekend was quite a relaxing one..quite the opposite of what i expected !! konon nak struggle all the topics..hikz.. anyway , i did struggle watching Ghost Train !! yikess !! horror (but pretty sad too , especially the end part)…so , i don’t want to write a preview of that movie here.go watch lah !!!

humm..there’s a run organized by Utusan Malaysia on the 19th d midst of confusion whether to join or not.Entry form only availble in Utusan Bangi..stupid aint it ?? they don’t have it online..and i’m trying to figure out how could they fax it to me (since fax machine never existed in hostels)..arrggh…anyway , small matter for that one. just that i’m so ‘philic’ towards organized runs(and walks).have joined a few already.looking forward for many more.
no more classes for today.

tomorrow only 2 classes.that means plenty of time to study.and to eat , sleep and whatever comes to mind lah.hahaha.. there’s PBL (problem based learning )on wednesday..postponed for a day because tomorrow the lecturers are going to be busy.interview for new intake or something like that lah. i think that’s about it for long or short i write wouldn’t make any difference coz blogs are blogs ..its simply for display and for self-satisfaction (and expression).its an inner relief u see.this fingers n brains are always excited when they could get together and work something out.right ?? k , enuff babbling for now.cheers and have a nice day y’all


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