stress de-stress and the rest of it..

Life is full of surprises and challenges and when you’re in the middle of it solutions aren’t always easy to find. Some get energized when expectations are intensified, others just fall apart.

here’s a short story that i would like to share with all of you.. of course it has got to do with the title and the first paragraph which you’ve just read. i agree the notion that life IS full of surprises and challenges.AND unexpected things do happen when we never expected it to happen.most recent occurence was merely a day ago. and i shall not forget about it for the rest of the my life.

i told an old friend of mine about a week ago that i’m coming to visit and sleep over at her campus(as in her room lah..). she said,you’re most welcomed,anytime.i marked her words,planned my trip and off i go..when i informed her that i was half way towards her location,she replied telling me that it would be impossible that i could get pass the security as for it was already late night and that it was against the rule that an ‘outsider’ to ‘sleep over’..well,rules are there..of course its there.but this is a situation whereby someone from ‘far’comes ..but if that’s the kind of reply you get from a good friend of yours,plus the fact you are not even a student of that campus,of course you wouldn’t want to let your friend into trouble JUST because you’re coming to visit.well, i thought positively that it would be okay if i put my plans into a halt, and think of an alternative way of how/where i’m going to spend the night.

it was sheer luck that another gurl friend of mine was at home (about 15 minutes drive from the campus).i contacted her and informed her of my situation.she agreed to come and fetch me,WORRIED , that anything would happen to me for i was at the commuter station alone plus the fact it was already near midnite. i waited , waited anxiously till she finally arrived.alhamdulillah! my heart shouted.. that night’s experience really thought me something.. a close or so called ‘good’ friend, means nothing subjectively.both gurl friends which i wrote about in this short story is the proof that it doesn’t have to be your close friend who’s gonna help you when help is needed..and that good friend doesn’t have to be among your closest friends or amongst them which you’ve known for years.

i wouldn’t say i’m bragging of my ‘bad luck’.. but i would say that it is good luck for its very seldom that we see the ‘true’ sides of the word called ‘friendship’..which isn’t always beautiful as potrayed. and that night i got the chance to see that true side..have you??

-Our everyday talks brought the sunlight through my windows.Our deepest secrets are shared with each other.When times get rough, you were always by my side.Someone new walked in the picture.Friendship starts to get blurry.It seems as if that someone was your leader and you followed.You started to change your ways to be just like your leader.You were not the same again.The sunlight stopped shining through my window.And when times got rough, you weren’t there anymore.Friends became strangers……………..


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