Return of Three Eight

salamz.its been 22years and 2 days since i was born. i have never been hit by this ‘getting older’ sensation so severe in my life..but this time it came and it hit hard ! at the point of midnite,i was trying to get some rest at my roomate’s room coz my room was caught in the China Sea storm.. sea of notes,books and other things lying around..on the floor as well as on the bed. humm.. but ‘transfering’ to the room next cube next door didn’t work coz my mobile began buzzing and making lotsa noise as it neared midnite..birthday messages trailed and poured in.. last year i actually listed who birthday-wished me..this year..couldn’t bother to.but i still kep the birthday messages though..

My family were the first to wish me..of courselah..!! they actually came all the way from Kay El to see me that fine Monday eve.had a birthday cake, wallet + watch. when asked what’s the present of choice would be.. my siblings already knew afore the answer.. a PDA! yeah,to medical students..i wouldn’t want to be diagnosed for patent ductus arteriosus! i was asking web the other day what’s the best pda.he said so many in the gotta check lar..but i i havent got time for that just yet

First message came from Mie,UKM undergrad,my roomate masa kat KMP dulu. I didn’t know it was her number at first..she’s got a new number but didn’t inform me. Her picture message ended with an ‘I love you’..ingatkan laki mana lah.hikzz..but thanks Mie !!!! 2nd message came as a wuz from Arif Amedeen,ex SAS,my junior back in KMP,soon to grad from KUKTEM.didn’t know it wuz him pon till i rang up the number after exam that day.3rd message..Kak Dina !!!! Now,she’s helluva cool,nice and kind-hearted person and she’s my cousin.UNITEN undergrad.. her birthday is tomorrow!!4th message from Nurul Akmal,a UIA law undergrad.She mentioned ‘Hope your day is a million laughs ‘’re right lah nurul..the day came by surprise and its unbelieavable!5th message,from Shams ,3rd year medic,very nice and cute fella.6th message came my Chia Liang !!! all the way from NZ!! he was my classmate masa form 3 dulu and we’re still in touch.7th message from Olet. Fiiwwwwiiittt !! he thought he wuz the 1st to wish family wuz the 1st. UIA category,he’s the 2nd after Shams who wished me afternoon the day before.8th message;from Cin .exSDAR,UTM grad..9th message from Azra.Pharmacy third year. ‘dah tua sama ngan orang’ she says.10th message from Razi,classmate to Azra. simple and cool dude.he asked if dah buat wish..told him tak sempat lagi..actually it has been the same fot the past few years..its just the matter of having it achieved or not.11th one came from Mekktoon,a 12th message;Iddi !!!! nie seangkatan with Arif Amedeen,just that he’s in UPM now.Iddi,dat day akak pi UPM awat tak angkat phone?!!! kan dah terlepas!next message from Asila!! ‘k. julie, gi exam skali ek’..cizzz..upon waking in the morning,the 13th message from Aisya arrived.she’s my classmate here . like me,she was in CBN b4.tapi x sempat jumpa coz she came masa secondary..14th message;Asmat. 3rd year medic.a petite lady with a big heart.thanks asmat for the bday visit and gifts!she was around after midnite hearthy slice of the bday cake and she managed to wipe all clean.15th message,dunno who’s number !!! my phone was serviced last month,and when it came back,some of my numbers were already missing.16th message was from my mum..’ur not getting younger.I am!’ you peepz,say that everytime you wish someone else happy birthday.17th message,from Iskandar,my 7year old brother.18th message from P.Harmie.19th message from kak Dina.again.20th ..came from Hazirah,my classmate sinih.21st message from Apoi,a new friend..i suppose.22nd message from Mark Dacascos!!heehe..a nick i honoured to Rahman Baco.3rd yr Asmat,he’s petite for his age and gender,still with a good heart..23rd; from Diana,junior medic.24th;*tak sure sapa..*25th from Sid..the Amidala of IIUM kuantan..the mole she has on her face has a very characteristic value for her,and if not for her, for other people.abang abang yg jog kat taman bandar calls her ‘tahi lalat’.26th from Pele.. 27th from Budi.KMP fren,UPM undergrad


to the names mentioned , thank you so much !!!!! no other words could describe the appreciation.Yang called to wish,thanks also.Thanks for the cards and gifts too!!This year most of the cards came in yellow envelopes.coincidence eh?.. to the 33 ppl who dropped by block C musolla,hope all of you enjoyed the makan makan.yesterday sat for the last paper. MCQ ittis..250 Qs d attempt wasn’t to answer all but answer which i could..negative marking gotta be extra careful.after that (as usual)dunno what to do..comp lab here i come but only for a while.kak Na the cafe operator nak blanja tp tak sempat lunch pon.had to return someone’s office key.after that went to see Maximus!! lazing and afternoon nap on the sofa he looks so cute and adorable! right now he’s doing the same on my backpack.i brought him back to IIU grounds coz thats what i promised came as a sweet surprise to budak2 pharmacy my block yg suka kat Max.. cranked call Yaya and Zarin saying there’s a visitor waiting for them kat bawah..hehehe..Max a name synonym to block C. Max slept on my bed till 2am.after that i fed him..2nd half of the nite he was outside the the morning when i opened the door,there he was at the door step. cats grow up so only need to feed and love them,yet they never ever complain of getting older .hehehehe..

kayz,i think i better stop for now..many other things to be done.. nak pi claim lunch from Kak Na!!!!! wuz suppose to hill climb at Bkt Pelindung 2day,tp buat-buat tidur at 7.maybe petang nie kotz..tomorrow balik rumah !!!!!


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