Tuesday reveals

today started quite late..woke up 7.30am..gosh!!! humm..well,prepared myself,then off to breakfast!my roomate had class,so took her with me lar..yo Aida !! malas nak iron d skirt! datz y kedut lar..not bcoz baru bangun tidur!damn..hehe..kayz,actually this post is meant to be short.. if it were too be long, i would have just typed it last nite..


ive learned 3 things from today’s and yesterday’s event


1) Always make yourself clear of what you want. Say it loud and clear so that people wont just listen but understand what you are saying. The same thing goes to the listener, dont be rude when someone is addressing you. You might not hear or understand what is being said to you,yet your face looks like as if you understand . End result would be disastrous.Some would take it seriously,some would let the misscommunication pass by.Last nite i let 1 pass by,and today i took another seriously.


2) Don’t dissapoint someone by making last minute decision. Say you’ve promised someone something,and that someone is obviously looking forward to wuteva you’ve promised and if you were to pull of dat promise,that would lead to a dead end.Either stop there or jump off the cliff. It would alternatively cause the decreament of trust bestowed on ya’.I’ve learned recently from someone of this thing about promises etc. ‘cakap tak serupa bikin’.well for those who doesn’t understand Malay,it simply means not keeping up to promises.Moral of story,don’t hold to promises when your grips aren’t strong enuff.


3) Know the person you’re talking too.U don’t simply strut your stuff to anyone,particularly to those whom you just got to know.What more when it comes to personal stuffs this and that. Ive encountered several people like this.They’re the kind who gets comfortable quite easily.but this obviously doesn’t apply to everyone aight. And those yang dah lama kenal,don’t piss ur frens off by treating them like you only knew yesterday! this would give a deeper crack than the previous.


the 3 points which ive stated above are real events and i didnt write them just to write them. Moral of the story is, know your frens well and treat them well.InsyaAllah they’ll be with you on your way up,and if you happen to fall behind,they’ll be there to help. May Allah bless all of us.


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