last weekend would be one of the sugar-est weekend of this year(so far)..i got to meet up with my ole roomates,classmates !!namely irah and hanim over at upm..budi and hasif ada jugak. irah blanja makan! best giler the nasi goreng kerabu,one dish u CAN’T find hiyah in IIUM kuantan..or anywhere else in kuantan.pity huh..nvm..atikah kasno another classmate masa kat KMP dulu wasn’t on the scene..tried giving her a buzz but no reply.off handphone rupanyer !! u peepz,if u wanna off handphone do it b4 u zzzz so dat u can charge it.as for myself,my handphone is my alarm clock and my company at nite.hehehehe..basically i dun normally off it.

well this particular post is dedicated to IRAH and HANIM , my roomate and my classmate masa kat KMP dolu dolu !! 3 other includes Ain Comel,Mie Darling, and Safin Cool.hikzz..recalling those H1P3 dayz! i would say KMP> H1P 3 > B3 208 would have been the best thing which ever occured to me. IRAH and HANIM thanks coz sudi jumpa!aku tahu hang pa berdua penat coz ada test on d day i came,and irah kena ‘berlari-lara’ ke lab attending to her gano-derma project.cayok irah!! may the gano force be with ya’ !!! dat wuz my 2nd time having dinner at UPM..dinner kat Cafe 12&14.. basically yg dok kolej 12 and 14 goes makan there..duh! ramai giler orang..banyak giler gerai!banyak giler choice!d price is so the CHEAP! 6 bucks for 3 food! nampak la cara hidup maha siswa,siswi dan siswe..ada yg saja jer lepak kat kafe utk sembang and get together..ada yg dating sambil study!,ada yg tak reti-reti etika di cafe.. ada ke smoke kat tpt org makan! dah ler abu rokok buang on the table! siswe siswe.. apa2 pon, menarik la jugak tgk depa nie pasai nampak la gelagat and culture yg berlainan siket dr what i see everyday here in IIU.. kat IIU nieh the trend for some would be 1)a good,ethical and faithFUL student on campus,2)try maintaining that out of d campus within kuantan and 3)totally forgetting about it once ur at home.not to lie,it does implies to me eventhough i believe everyone else including myself are trying to get over this unhealthy phenomenon. Wuteva ittiz, do not lie,cheat and s**t yourself.we don’t act so that people’s evaluation on us would be high..nor do we act to keep ourselves from being inserted in the gossip and hate list. matter of fact is that we shouldn’t act. be yourselves and do not go near the extremes. its easier to do sumthing to improve ourselves with a healthy and positive set up/ culture ..(ie;IIUM-standard-way-of-surviving)..

well, more on IRAH and HANIM..both of them hails from land of the turtles!hehehe..dua-dua nie memang best.. dapat jumpa semalam lagi la best !!!!!! buat bising kat kolej 13 tak ingat..irah told me bout her ganoderma project.. eddy,my fren,asked irah pasal her project..ayyoo…penat gak kan jadik student scientist nih..mcm2 yg perlu dikaji..lotsa precision,patience required.nasib baik kat sinih culture bacteria jer.heheheh..irah! ko makin panjang..awat?hang makan GH ker?but she’s still as skinny as before.hanim plak makin kecik!!! ada ker pakai jacket and seluar denim sepasang!bak kata irah ‘mcm minah rempit’..fiwwiitttt…..heheheh..anem nieh kecik moleknyer orangnyer,comel,cantik,smart,cakap laju,jalan tak berapa nak laju,pikiaq laju..and dia nieh satu pangkat ngan Yusry KRU..fuullaammaakkk i tell you.. dee jay UPM tuh ..humm..cam ner nie nem.aku dee jay gakz..tapi disc jockey kat bilik aku jer la.oh ya nem+irah,roomate aku kat ktn nieh nama dia ain.and then my classmates ada gak yg nama Irah dan namanye Hanim…

well,here are d pics yg korang mintak tuh…click jer kat the following hyperlink.. humm..serious,aku rindu time2 matrik dulu..so many memories aight. pasal khusairi lah,dak sayur..iddi grunge.. tapi nak buat camne,there’s no time machine to take me there again..its all in the brain and heart.hope korang baca my page on frens.. aku dedicate the poem 2all of u.. i’m one person who has a more powerful long term memory rather than short.(*duh*) nobody else in the world can replace the frenship which ive sailed together with irah+hanim+mie+ain+safin..tak lupa jugak rozana and nisa’. God bless all of us!

well.here’s a few words to my dear frens..

irah : cayok selalu in ur academic life seiring dengan non academic life! ur one nice gurl! tq blanja!mizzd u loads! hanim: uve alwiz been a perfect example 4many including myself.make sure u dont stress out urself.tq 4d frenship n advices.mie :member sorang nie selalu berjuang dihutan menentang gerila dan gorila di sana.mie,ur alwiz my sister!missed u2!ain : a fren far in the pearl of oriental..but very close 2d SA node of my heart!dun wori,we wall miz n sayang u !!safin : another cool yet SMART gal.havent seen her for a long time now.what up Pin?contact2 la kita org kayz!

to AZRA : thanks for the tea and murtabak.you’ve got a beautiful home.make sure u remember d route 2ur earthly heaven! the pool is simply awesome!the house reminds me of UK..yikes.. help!! you should recommend 2ur classmates to make a monthly trip 2ur house.i’m looking 4ward to transfom into a mermaid in that pool of urs..ahakzz..sori,lawak tak jadik! ur parents are cool! dun worry,ur much FUNKY-er..hiyak hiyak hiyakk..datz true what. purple penguin doing the wave dance at kempadang??..ooppsss !! ive the vid,dun worry..only for in-house screening.azra is a nice fren.make sure ALL OF YOU alwiz look on the goodsides of ur frens.don’t poke to see whats on the posterior side.. it would turn out you are the one who stinks! know a person as he or she is.i dun believe to much in what other mouth babbles about another person.its a sin to talk or even to listen to such curse-ly act. 🙂 azra is simply awesome.. juz dat its so hard to ask her to go jogging!makan no hal! and that reminds me of another person.and who may dat be??? *hint* *hint*..


kay u peepz,till then.God bless.to anem and irah if nak aku print gambar,britau lau..

none other;Julie


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