kreePy krawLis

erlow there..humm..2 feet was another start for me..i’m looking forward to write more eventhough how much i suck at it..ooppzz!! mind the lang.. kayz,its 5 to 8pm.i’m alone at the comp lab…yeahhh..kay,getting on to today’s title.. kreep krawlis..the other day a fren of mine was trying to tell me a joke(which didn’t turn out to be a joke at all coz i didn’t laugh!!!)..hikzz.. joke about ulat gonggok..of how much time he took to put on his shoes ..kan ulat gonggok banyak ‘kaki’..the thing is,ulat gonggok don’t even need the shoes !!!humm..,kay,boring…kay..kreepy krawlis aightt..ive got this ‘kreepy’ sensation in me y’ comes whenever ive got a feeling that somethin’ is going wrong somewhere..i have yet  to ‘discover’ wut the saying goes, time will tell. i am hanging on rite here. dunno how long more,but i am positively certain i AM hanging on.the other day i was on the phone with my beloved,non other than my mum !!! she was tellling me to grill those brains ! hehehe.. and as for my dad,he alwiz reminds me to focus on my pursuit for academic excellence.thanks to both of them i am not scared of the obstacles that are laying down my way.just waiting when to strike.


to me,as long as there’s a strong will,confidence and faith,there will be no turning said don’t stress myself too much with other things(other so-called minor and remeh temeh problems,frens, etc..)..leave the stress part alone..let it come when it wanna comes,but don’t  go out looking for it ! i know some people (*not to say excluding me.) can’t leave without stress..tak kisah la WHATEVER kind of stress..when thing could be breezy,cool and snowing, the condition becomes either wise.. when there should be peace, there comes war.. gee, i pity those who loves war.. now,i hate to write this, but ive got to.. you see, whenever someone pokes the fire,of course it’ll roar !!!!! but lets say if the fire were to be left alone,it’ll sure burn out by dawn rite..


moral of the story, do not stress yourself unnecessarily..when ur mind and soul says things can be controlled,so be it.. if the shaytaan whispers at your ear drum telling you to stress out , tell him ‘go to hell’.. and shaytaan will leave u for once.but if u let the whispers come drooling in your ear,thats it,end of story , close book,and wait for another depressing chapter to open itself up! to stressful people out there, try to be cool and macho like Johnny Depp !!!


salamz and have an un-stressful life !!


ps: adib,my 9 year old fren from perlis just called.he asked ‘bila nak mai sinih?kalau datang,khabaq la..’..adoii,i miss !!! my keluarga angkat pon dok tanya bila nak maii….aarrrghhhh..!!!! month maybe..kays peepzz.take care


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