2 feet

God gave us 2 feet

Many things else are created in pairs

Ears,eyes,upper and lower limbs

Being born with everything attached , we should be grateful and thankful

Being born with something missing, we shouldn’t  fret and curse

No matter what befalls us, consider it as a blessing from God


Good things which falls on our lap doesn’t ensure we will in the end of the day benefit from it

Bad things doesn’t necessarily means we deserved it because we are bad. Its a God-ly test for us

Both good and bad things come together. We might not be able to differentiate both of it

Take one thing at a time and do not rush to unscramble things or we WILL mess up


God gave us 2 feet

both are important to us.

Some things were created so that the othe correspond to the other one

Loss of 1, will lead destruction to the other

Ain’t that fact of life? There should always be a way of balancing things

Feet touches the ground, but never look down upon them

and do not misuse them


2 feet, for walking,running,chasing or running away from

In life,there is always a ‘pace’ in doing things

We walk , so that we won’t miss things, and also to appreciate things

We walk, so that we could observe the minute but vital values of life

though we don’t walk forever because we might be left behind in life


We jog, so that we keep up pace with other people

Being outkasted is rather painful, so, use your 2 feet

Jog and keep up with whomever which suits you and can help you to get on better in life

We jog, so that we maintain a healty life style

though we don’t jog forever, it is still in between walk and run

In other words,jog is similar to ‘moderate’

Some people love extreme sides of life.. while some loves to be in the middle

It fluctuates though. Just stick to your own pace right?!


Getting chased or running away from

One of the moments when we need to react this way

Feet corresponds, and there we go

Having one feet doesn’t stop one from ‘hopping’ away

there are usually many means of getting away or to a situation

Do not chase someone for no concrete reason

Do not forget to tie your shoe lace. You might just crash and fall. Pain you yourself suffer

Do not forget to check out the surface you’re walking/running on. No matter how careful you are, you never know when you might slip and lose balance


So much of the walk,jog run poem,

indeed i hope its for the very best

i’m not a good poet nor a smooth talker

i’m just me,i’m human and i do have this Godly creation called the mind

to all of you,consider your readings.Lotsa double meaning in them


To wrap things up,walk,jog and run your own pace

slow down if you feel exhausted,buck up if you’re left behind

know your destination and consider if it is worth going there even before you move your first step..


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