Monday blues started pretty ‘early’.phone rang,..’julie,dah bangun?’.. decided that today would be a little different.key to precious 4wheeled fren passed to another 2 legged fren..walked to class,1 tuto,1 class!!hikzzz..comp lab here i come!!!! and i did..was there about half an hour,browsing thru frenster,my inbox.replied a friend’s email,printed the 90/10 principle.(which i forgot to take after that).

last nite is worth to be retold here in my journal.went for dinner quite late.i usually have dinner around 6pm.but last nite,8pm.hunger strike came a lil later coz had pulut,rendang,mee hoon,curry puff and agar-agar for tea !!!! my pet bro got engaged,ada la chance nak melaram sket yesterday with my 2 years ago baju raya (which felt big bcoz i’m smaller now!) + aunt’s tudung..muahaha..lalu jer kat block A,azra and d gang did the ‘woooooow!’ cheer. gee,tak habis lagi kat situ,took photo before i lame huh..well,not dat often i do get the chance to dress up nicely!well,went to pet bro’s house first.i was damn excited.not that as if i’m the one who’s going to bertunang or what..but what pumped those adrenaline is the reason that i’ve never actually attended a ‘majlis pertunangan’.majlis perkahwinan dah biasa sangat dah .. 🙂 abe Muz and amir amin joined the rombongan also..bakal tunang nyer rumah is somewhere along the road heading to d airport.sampai sampai jer,baru dapat tau kena angkat dulang..almaklum la tak cukup tenaga kerja..ala,angkat kejap je pon..1st time ma!! humm..dat day baru la nak belajar culture melayu after nearly 22 years of living.d 1st time tgk orang bertunang kat mami jarum da’ movie!wonder naper d tunang lelaki had to stay outside..that’s what i saw yesterday..jakun betuk yek aku nie..well,d most exciting part was tea !! makanan dihidang on the,makanlah together with the makcik-makcik..sogan masa mula2 tuh..but not for long la.makcik-makcik yg rugged..siap sembang pasal siti nurhaliza,akademi fantasia..humm,mendengar jer la aku nie..baru tau rosma ngan burn also performed at siti’s!and baru tau vince and khai tengah shooting for sembilu 2005..another wow! there thanks to the makcik2.1 of them comes from bukit pelindung.makcik time naik Pelindung bolehlah menyinggah yek makcik!

8pm..makan out with another fren who invited another 2,there were 4 of us.2 of whom i never spoke to.segan ma! tengah2 makan,black out!! ‘gimmick’ bak kata mr omellete. who dat?? after makan,went to sofi’s house in I.M 5 ..sunday night out! tengok ikan2 dalam kolam si sofi.chit chat a lil,showed kamarul shamsul’s majlis pertunangan pictures and then balik. basically,i had a good time last nite.been a long time since the car was full with peepz at nite.headed back 2d campus while grooving along with ub40..someone introduced ‘sublime’ or wutteva ittis called.said it has more reggae elements in it.we’ll see.


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