thank god its Friday

gee..ittis Friday,gosh..time flies so fast..i’m at d comp lab again,this time the lecturers gone missing!maybe the purple eyed people took them away to another planet.humm,yesterday was ermm…how shall i put it..well,yesterday was a banyak-cerita day..d ‘best’ part would be the volley match against 2nd year pharmacy.they won.lemme recall the players line : shaerah,zarin,yanti,kak el and2 org lg tak ingat.uisyy..bad memory..and as for the medic team comprises of cemah,sofia,khai,mawaddah,jirah,azlin,me and not to forget the kewl sister naimah.we had 8 players who actually took the effort to come down and play.ain’t that great! the heat of the game begun early,but the flames went out and was the on and off court thingy.sumthing small which COULD have been avoided actually made its appeareance, drastic and big.that’s one of the saddest part la of this story. i was the witness this time, but i didn’t bother to interfere,coz i know it would mess things a lot more.humm..will write later la..having tummy ache rite now.


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