Crash,Crush and Crish

well the title doesn’t sound interesting does it?hikzz.i’m skipping the seminar for a little while.I’ve loads to share with whoever happen to read this post.

cRAsh : nEarly crashed at d volleyball court yesterday. but d team managed to win after 3 sets! humm..not bad for a first timer.never entered one mates ; sofia,cemah(the pros),jirah,azlin and training,juz zoomed in!and now my right hand is suffering.we played against 4th year yesterday.and i’m not sure when’s the next match gonna be.

crUsh : well,i’m sick of hearing people talking about crushes.and i’m even scared when i’m the one who’s having a crush.hikz,don’t worry,i won’t write of what you think i’m going to’ll be too embarassing!hahaah..hum,well,…

crish :”Urban Dictionary is a slang dictionary with your definitions. Define your world”

A very odd girl with a cool sense of humor and again…an odd girl.

That girl was being very Crish.


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