thank God its Wednesday

halfway thru the made it for d 3rd time to Bukit Pelindung.this time with the iium name ; yaya,adilah,shamina n myself.hehe..5.30-6.30..around dat time lar..the climbing part was tiring for all of us..yaya kept on asking ‘jauh lagi ke kak julie’ answer would always be, ‘ha,dekat lagi jer..’..but since it was in the evening..a cloudy evening, the reserve forest was kinda dark.and uhm,if we’d gone in the morning,sure lagi the way,my 1st two times up there was in the morning.simply breath taking!!!apa lagik..d track was easy..nak naik nyer memang those yg dah terror hill and mountain climbing,just ignore this post lar..y’all dah pro..nie baru jer berjinak2..mount everest bakal ku daki ,which i don’t know when its gonna be.humm..not sure if tomorrow’s gonna be a crampy and lenguh day.hopefully not lah..after the climb…apa lagikk..cendol time at the midnite food noriah as usual..taking her kids out for dinner.yaya and i had cendol.sham and adilah,lai chi kang-ing..ermm..i just remember i haven’t had my dinner.gee..jap lagi lapar la tuh.tis week balik !!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeehaa..humm.missed home.

rite now i’m in the comp lab..hadi is somewhere at the back.rahman on my right.and uhm,can’t see who else larr..humm..nak cerita apa yek..takde kot for now..juz wanna remind you peepz out there to enjoy life as it not go on looking for trouble when they’re not meant for you.stop poking other people’s back or biznez or else u’d die regretting how ignorant one can be towards a peaceful life..keep on smilin’ eh..last but not least,don’t ever forget that we’re the luckiest of creature,having mind,feelings and faith bestowed on us.hey..what am i yacking about..i better stop..kay.salamz..


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