UNs of Life

the unaccountable..

that cannot be explained.we have and we are going through the unaccountables.Many things in life ,past presence and the near future are unaccountable.Unaccountable doesn’t share the same meaning as unpredictable, so please do not get confused. At times we are not even aware when ,where and how unaccountable events in life occur,what more if it is ‘naturally’occuring to us.Why does Allah Almighty creates some thing easy for our brain to accept and absorb, and certain things left for us to grill on ? Take the presence of human and the existence of planets for example. Over the centuries,people including some called scientist have raised and called upon hypothesis, theories , experiments and ideas of how human or planets came to existence. As a person holding to the belief, that Allah Almighty is the creator of all existence, it is obvious to me that certain creations of Allah are left unexplainable, not unless we believe in Him.The Qur’an is a miracle and bless to us all.Having strong faith,reading,understanding the contents of the Qur’an will most likely answer the unaccountables I’ve mentioned before. Be it scientific or non scientific issues. Unlike some other religion which only presses on spirituality,Islam is just the opposite.Islam is a way of life.It is practical,and not to be left in the heart alone.I’m writing this because I feel without Islam , we the weak creatures will easily give up in life.The amazing mind that Allah has bestowed on us wasn’t created just to fill our skull .It is there so that we can utilise it.But do bear in mind that this gift from Allah have to be used with much respect and care. Certain things are beyond our capability to understand what more to accept.Here comes the concept of humbleness.If there’s no such concept like this one,everyone would be boasting of the lastest ‘discovery’,and even mention things which are not even true.We may think our brainwork is so superb that we do not care of the truth.Come to think of it, it only happens if we dob’t strongly believe that up there , is our creator ,Allah Almighty.I am not sure if my sentences are too subjective.Not all things come in black and white.And not all things comes tangled up.

I don’t even know why i wrote this at the first place.I do love to write especially when I’m stressed out.Letters,diary,journals..it all helps ,in a way.But this time,with this topic,its so unaccountable ! In this current life,as a medical undergraduate,many things always make me confused,unsure,uncertain. Why why why? In the lectures also,why why why.. But those WHYs in the lectures is to understand things which is already printed out in books and also which have been understood by the doctors and researches.The WHYs outside lecture hall is not found in textbooks.But i also do believe,if we keep on asking Why too much,it’ll brings more problem making rather than problem solving.I am sure you have come across such events.When we are beginning an argument,all the WHYs will be lining up,already roaring their engines waiting for the Green go.Some people are like this all the time.Some people are like this at certain times,depending on the situation obviously.Basically,this WHY thingy have to be at the appropriate timing and condition.It is beneficial when Dr Imad attacks us with the WHY bullet after bullet.It test our understanding of the subject,how much we’ve absorbed the lectures and revision.Compare it with the WHYs when our Akademi Fantasia idol lost the 4th or final round.Gee,I pity those who goes for entertainment magazines or even Hello!, Malaysian Tatler,and all other materials or multimedias on the same boat.So obsessed with people’s life,try to copy or even set example from the so called glamour people!Its true that most people are being too much of a materialistic freak nowadays. One would go to the 5 corners of the globe if the new Fendi or Louis Vuittion has ran out of stock in Malaysia or Singapore.The WHYs here are ignored.The WANT is more.But those out of the circle will be asking the WHYs.See,things don’t come in black and white.I’ve mentioned that and I’m repeating it again.

Too much of WHYs don’t do good.Too little WHYs don’t do good also.So what ?? Well,we don’t ask too much or too little,because we are not suppose to be ignorant creatures.If we were to be ignorant,where comes family,where comes community? Where comes justice? The 11th september event surely has turned many of the ignorant heads.. But as things settle down, we become ignorant again.Too much WHYs?well,i don’t blame of anyone would ask too much WHYs.if it was for a worthy reason for all,than it can be considered.But if the WHYs are purposeless, and no benefit at all(besides for own satisfaction), might as well not ask! In fact,it makes the person who is attempting to answer fed up or even mad! I do get stuck in these kind of situation.From my point of view,those who are too obsessed with certain things,or those who lack ‘basic’ knowledge as a Muslim will be asking WHYs for stupid reasons.The ‘malas nak layan’ reflex returns.If ‘layan’, then we would be associates of Satan.Not more or less than that.In other words –>’Seangkatan’!From here,try to link it with our anger,amarah.Lagi layan,lagi menjadi right?! Values that fill our life shouldn’t be compartmantalize because values are networks that make our life more meaningful.Heartless people does the opposite.Too much compartmantalization,too much of double standards and too much of hipocrasy. the normal and positive human value must be maintained With other people of different colour,background,status or background,.I pity those who live life full of acting.Too much of a drama.Trying to satisfy other people while ‘injuring’ others.That’s why we always say things like ‘Jangan sombong’,’Senyum la sikit’.The least this kind of phrase could do is that it could wake us up with the realization that we do not live the world alone.There need to be communication,link,comfort and also being able to understand human are unique.Different people with different attitude,thinking etc.

till then..


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