Salamz. Looks like the holiday IS coming to an end. It is Sunday May 30, 2004. Tomorrow the ‘new year’ begins ! Yikes.. times flies so fast that I don’t even realize it! This holiday sees myself being in touch with old friends. Chia Liang, Alia , Safin , Maya, Cin and Nabil !! So nice talking to you peepz !! everyday online. An uncontrollable thingy when you have 24hr access to these fascilities. Yeah, I sure made full use of it ! heheh..but that deosn’t mean other responsibilities are ignored. Holidays means more time with the family eventhough I’m the only one having a break. Siblings goes to school everyday, dad to work. Accompanying mom to go here and there is also fun ! yet sometimes could be boring. Heheh..but that’s besides the point lar. If you peepz loves horses or watching polo , you should check out the nearest stables or polo club . Horses are beautiful creation of Allah… well, what is not beautiful rite.. this holiday managed to ctach at lest 4 polo matches. Friendly ones. Not so much of a tournament.. wut else bout holiday .. oh yeah, heading towards the end of the holiday can be exciting, and at the same time, can make me feel ‘numb’.. ye lah, mana tak nyer.. ur like running long distance, then tetiber stop.. Inertia still there and you feel like u gotta run some more even the fact is uve come to the end of the ‘journey’..! humm, meaning the mood to go back to school will appear bit delayed ! yikes…

Kay, online also means downloading stuffs from the net !! Cribs, music vids and also some songs.. I just found out that Lauryn Hill does resing Sir Bob’s song ! Thus increasing my interest in this genre. To those who listens to it, or at least not reject it like most people reject dangdut even before listening to it, I think you should check out Turn Your Lights Down – Bob Marley feat. Lauryn Hill ! music vid shot at the very studio Bob recorded his songs in Jamaica ! Just a brief yet important reminder I would like to share is .. you should be aware of the lyrics. Some songs from any artists especially the ones from the west , sometimes do have religious elements in them.Kekadang syok sangat with certain tunes that you den’t even realize what you’re singing! And that includes Sir Bob, Beatles and Black Eyed Peas.. alah, y’know the ‘where’s the love’. Kan ada part ‘father, father send your guidance from above’< something like dat..well the father father part boleh dipertikaikan in the sense of the meaning. That’s their number one hit.. pressing on the issue of terrorism,war,oppression and stuffs. Where is the love? And goes on with father father..which father huh??and if ur a fan or have a personality whom ever you like, be it Malcolm X, Napoleon or Muhammad Ali , it is almost compulsory that you should go through their history. Duh yet true ! Biograpghies does interest me to certain extent.

Browsing thru Britney Spears hate sites ! heheh..did that last nite.. cowabungga ! she has more hates sites than Saddam ! pity her huh..tuh la, kata star,people listen to her music, yet being criticized at the same time.. kao kao punyer lah I tell you. Moral of the story, she’s not a perfect example for your kids or your sister or even yourself !(far from perfect that they even call her slut..yikes..that hurts doesn’t it Britney). Being rich and famous and having all you want isn’t meaningful if you do not take care of yourselves, your ‘image’, relations with other people. And most vital, your relation with the Almighty Creator , Allah Ta’ala.. Ive seen rich , successful people, who lives luxurious life splattered with wealth, due to good career, or for wutever reasons that made them rich and famous,or those in the social lime light. I’m not referring to all, but to those bunch who doesn’t show their thanks and syukur to Allah Almighty. As we grow up, and as we progress in life, we should and must be aware of the word ‘humble’. In fact we are Abdi s to Allah rite. The more successful , happy or healthier we become, the more humble we should be. And that means not boasting what we’ve achieved ,what good suffs we’ve done ! And if rewarded with praises, don’t get riak.. Cos if you do , you are in trouble !

Another issue which caught my attention during the hols ; the Tarikat issue. If you have heard about this Naqshbandi , led by Sheikh Nazim and also Sheikh Hisyam. Both from Cyprus, are very much active especially in the US, UK and also Malaysia. Try browsing thru net net on Naqshbadi tau. You might find it interesting because Naqshbandi is recognized world wide . They do have many followers in Malaysia. Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve sort of tagged along someone I know joins this Tariqat . When I was small I remembered they use to zikr in the dark. Not that the electricity went off ..but they actually switch of the light! Uhmm, I never see it done in Malaysian mosque before,or even in Mecca or Medina, that’s why I find it weird even our Tahajjd or Taubat are done with lights switched off. Kay, may not be intriguing yet for you,kay.. to my next point. Naqshbandi believes in wearing amulet.. a.k.a tangkal a.k.a azimat !!!!! Tak kisah la tarikat mana pon, or mazhab mana sekalipun , in my opinion , azimat itu sememangnya syirik ! Menduakan Allah that is coz its like believing the amulet could actually ward off evil and bad luck from you ! And there’s the sticker thingy where they have Quranic verses on it, produced and supplied to their followers so they can stick it on the wall, window or at the door. Another thing  usually before the Sheikh leaves a ceremony or prayer, there will be this thing whereby those who are near to the Sheikh will hold his shoulder,And the person behind them does the same until the person yang kat belakang skali. ..ayyoo..tak faham betul lah.. don’t forget to read up about them tau.. its not out in the papers to ban this thing or stuffs.. the Sheikh HAS been to our PM’a office,took photo,the rest I leave you to THINK.think only tau..i don’t know if the PM knows that the tarikat’s followers wear tangkal.. and people, I’m not writing this just for fun. I’m sticking to what I know, 1st hand !! *Beware,beware*

Kay, go on to my last back to school !! heheh..i do love the Bata’s campaign especially when it’s heading towards the end of school holiday..macam2 promotion ! but no more Bata for me!! Hehehehe.. oh ya, back to campus means less time online ! hehe..betul ker ha?? Betul la..looking forward to meet the new batch.. my next blog insyaAllah will be about the UNs in life.. unfair,un wutever else..bye ! salamz..


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