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salamz..erlow there y’all.hikzz..been quite sometimes since i last wrote a long post.My mind waktu cuti ni bercelaru sikit la.Ye la,macam-macam nak dan kena buat.Running errands for my mom and other stuffs.Cuti kali nie walaupun tak travel(like some of my friends),pi Kinabalu lah,pi pulau-pulau dan cuti-cuti Malaysia lah) i still find it interesting!Sabtu lepas,ada gath 2nd batch KMP at KLCC,i was invited by brother Ariff Ameedeen.but I had to let that one go coz I was with my family.Tapi tak kisah la tuh.I’ve discussed something about ‘time with the family’ in this blog before,so,I won’t touch it just yet.

I had fun reading other people’s blog and I tell you their blogs are like so cool!! Especially this Azfar dude.Nak buat blog,write posts is easy,tapi kena ada interest and the creativity..I lack the latter one.HTML should be easy to one of us,but for me,I’m not good at it.Tapi sikit2 bley la kotz.HTML online tutorial does help.So if you peepz out there wanna give it a try, check out this link there are free templates which u can actually use to set up ur blogs.

This holiday started quite slow and steady.Had a few family outing which was kinda fun ! I just got myself a new pair of glasses.If it was my wallet,sure dah kering dah.Luckily kat rumah..tuh la the few nice things you get when you’re at home. 🙂 I tried kick-boxing today.Thought it was something totally different from other defence art.but actually sts something like taekwando+silat in a way,cuma for kickboxing takde la belajar buah asas or wuteva. Hikz..i i haven’t work out for like a month now.My last ‘exercise’ was during the Assunta challenge,and that was it.No jogging or exercise after that.Ditambah lagi dengan cuti 3 minggu nie,takde kerja sangat,duduk rumah,makan,tidur,jalan sket..ayoo.. kepada kawan2 seangkatan, kalu musim cuti tuh,rajin2 la pi jogging,or any kind of riadah..kalu tak lenguh badan.And bila start balik exercise,muscle semua jam!

so what’s with the post’s title??Crown Prince of Brunei.he’s actually my lar..but I’ve met him before.His name is Pengiran Muhtadee..(im not sure how to spell pengiran..).Met him during my visit to Brunei in year 1996.(thought i had a crush on him) .Masa tuh the Sultan’s 50th birthday.the sultan invited Michael Jackson to come.I went to watch the concert.It was free.So need to worry of booking or paying for tickets.And i even got the front row seat!beat that.after the concerto,my family and i took photo with of the bruneians photographer.the picture entah ker mana..tuh yang tak best tuh.Jerudong park is another place of attraction in tiny oil-rich Islamic sultanate,besides the grand palaces and the Brunei Museum and bagunan alat kebesaran diraja.ive been to the alat kebesaran diraja was the Sir Winston Churchill memorial before that.. ‘sebagai penghormatan dan kenangan terhadap jasa-jasa Sir Winston Churchill dalam perang dunia ke2..'<– as quoted in the gallery book which i still keep.1996 was the year Jerudong Park was opened. Cool rides..Free!no entrance fee.Only have to pay 1 brunei dollar for a can drink and thats it.tapi masa pi tuh takde orang!i mean,tak ramai.siket giler.felt like visiting richie rich park.And kalau kat Malaysia the country or state guests are mostly driven in black perdana-s or Mercedes,over there its Daimler!super-rich country(oil&gas reserve).plus the population isn’t even 400 thousand!well that’s the few wow! facts which i find interesting.Going on to the crown Prince.. he’s getting married to a 17yr old Brunei commoner,Sarah Salleh.!!that’s the next big event Southeast Asia will be waiting for. to Crown Prince Muhtadee,if you’re reading this ,’Congratulations!’ (”,) -@}}–

ha,korang nak kahwin bila lagi eh?!hehe..for epidemiology assignment last block,for the class data ada field for preferred age of marriage.i put 28.ok la tuh.kay la,really gottago now.chowz!!


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