Holiday !!!!!!!!!!!!!

salamz and a good day to,im not at the comp the living area at home.. relaxing and breathing kay el air.. *cough!!!* erm,well,i came back home 2 nights ago. heehh..cuti for 3 weeks..started holiday last nie baru balik umah.gotto spend time with exschoolmate..najwa and also siblings at school,mum got meeting,dad at at home..bagus betul timing ..anywayz,yesterday was kinda hectic..had a hair cut,lunch at home,then to BSC teman my mom do some treatment,got muhself a new pair of glasses..muffin at Dome,then off home.the traffic was a lil it crawling.but we managed to get home safe and sound.alhamdulillah.Dinner..humm,didn’t eat much.after dinner was fun! siblings and i gathered at my room.chit chat,watched Thomas Cup,humm..see,this is the kinda stuffs my adikz and i do.including iskandar,my youngest bro.kay y’all.enjoy the rest of your day!!! i have a book to finish lar..Answered Prayers.

ps:would like to dedicate ‘Burn’ by Usher to those who like his songs..kay..salamz


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