salamz and a good day to you all out there.yesterday wuz helluva day.. well,to put it in a less harsh manner way,it was quite busy and hectic day for me.Mini test in the morning,no class,photography session,then continued with my laundry! hand wash tau.. tired,tired…was suppose to wash my car as well,but the energy level that time wasn’t sufficient enough..ended up tidying my room.If i didn’t,it would have been like a junkyard by now.then off to play with Max(my kitten)..

at home,my aunt awaits me..we had dinner ,together with my parents.Sea-food+barbeque..the food was fantastic.But somehow after dinner,on my way back to indera mahkota,i felt hungry again..yikes..7-eleven strikes back.called my fren at IIUM to accompany me to 7-11..on my way to pick up my fren,this car sorta speed beside me.hehe..so layan laju la..to my surprise dat car is heading for IIUM as well.kay fine,i thought.after entering the gate,that car slowed down.But i didn’t, i was in a rush anyway.It was nearly midnight. It was when i waited for my friend when i heard someone saying something like .. ‘1st year ke tuh??’..whoa..hold on rite there,at this moment,i already felt the heat in my ears.. the voice continued.. ‘1st year sekarang nie..’.. i didn’t look back to see who it was. i just knew i has to be the driver of that car just now,or the other car which i saw entering the gate before me.

initial reaction : some disgusted noise and expression.who was i suppose to talk at that time anyway.i was alone.the voices i heard were male voices.had to keep my cool.didn’t see barging into them at that time. but of course,rasa tak puas hati tuh,memang membuak.felt like a fool,clown and queen of the damned(??) called my fren and said i’ll be going to the back gate.couldn’t stand the humiliation.so,to the back gate ..

on the way to 7Eleven : i had to breach the law this time.i was on my cellphone(without the earpiece).. buzzed up my friend and asked him if he knew the owner/driver of the 2 cars i saw.they were seniors (obviously). but i don’t really know them.in the process la nie.so he said,he’ll check out for me.i told him what happened,and most importantly i told him how humiliated i was. how could people be so insensitive? its not fair to say most people are insensitive because that is the truth (minus Ariel Sharon+Bush+Tony Blair+their allies).. to some people,including the brother said those words,they,at the time of event,didn’t care what i felt.cross-sectional you see.there and then.they didn’t know someone just met her family for dinner,had a good time,then tired,hungry.. plus THEM..i then became angry.

For your information,there are at least 17 doors to Jahannam.Ammarah (anger) is one of them.and there i was last nite,at the door,holding the knob.By the way,i’m still holding the knob right now.. When you’re at the peak of an emotional state,the hot lava spills..naturally occuring event.no intervention,it just flows.and my poor friend whom i asked to accompany me to 7Eleven,was the victim(plus the friend i called). kesian dia orang.. i already apologized.asked for their opinion,of what should i do.My main point was ‘keadilan’.. patut or tak patut they brother said those words.even they didn’t actually came up and spoke to me,i knew obviously the words were meant for me.Nobody would speak out loud unless they want their voice to be heard. To me,if they want to discuss a simple or complex issue regarding me at that time,it would have been simpler if they just called me to clarify things.. what was the point speaking so loud,when the distance is less then 6 meters?scared?too gentle approach?hello… did anyone teach them to respect people in whatever circumstances?

dear friends,dignity consists not in possessing honors, but in the consciousness that we deserve them.that’s the whole point of this post.. and it reminds me of the Muslim world being corrupted,bombarded with such evil statements.. this is because we ourselves as Muslim don’t have respect for ourselves.we don’t respect our brothers and sisters.dalam keadaan tegur dan menegur nie,we as Muslims have been taught by our parents,by our religion of the HOWs..if we want to correct certain things,make sure we ourselves are doing the right thing.and of course,no body IS perfect right? even if we have done something bad previously,and don’t want other people to repeat the same sin,it is good that we tegur.tegur ada caranya right?

if we have the correct mentality and maturity,we will know how to correct those who are wrong.In conveying a remark also ,there should be a correct mentality and maturity.Kalau cara kita tegur orang tak betul,we in return is the one who sould feel ashamed.Bukan sahaja memalukan sendiri,malah the people yang kita tegur in return,will not respect us.Menyapu arang ke muka sendiri?hum..that’s the closest one that i can think of right now.I have yet to speak to the brother who said things about me.. not to be too indivualistic, ‘…who said things about my batch ‘ because he said 1st year.. the older you get,the wiser you should be.but at times,we behave like our 5 year old siblings! don’t we? especially when we’re in a hurry putting a statement on someone’s forehead.

frankly speaking,i hate this kind of character.I don’t believe in hating people,because people change,i change.and there are for strong reasons that we hate certain characters.That’s why i asked my friend for his opinion.He is suppose to find out for me who the person is,because i didn’t see the face..but once i know who that person is,i will go and talk to him.

hey there! what shall i say eh? not that i haven’t think of them,some things turn up well impulsive and unprompted.but what have been playing in my mind is like this..

me: ‘salamz brother.i’m sorry ,but do you have a moment?well,if you don’t mind i have a few things to clarify with you.im a 1st year.i think you know of that.Im just wondering what made you say those things that night.And why those words?’

whatever his answers would be,i don’t want it to marah or what.Should maintain the coolness.insyaAllah. but what i will have to say next may sound something like..

me: macam nie brother,bukan saya marah or what at you.Just that a little bit dissapointed of what you had to say and the way you said it. Kat dalam kereta tuh,kompius jugak .apa kesalahan saya?saya bawa kereta laju sangat ke?saya balik lewat ker? i’m glad that someone wants to tegur me.But i simply couldn’t accept the way you did it.plus,that time i was tired,baru balik jumpa family..tuh rasa panas tuh.Nak tegur sesiapa pun,brother tegurla.you senior ,kita orang respect.but if cara tak betul,nak respect tuh susah la siket.plus kita orang tak nak gaduh among us.tuh pasal saya tak turun dari kereta and do something stupid.. -the end-

so you people,hope in case you encounter this kinda situation,don’t freak out like i did. we’re big enough. .Just want people to treat each other better,so that we will be respected.and kalau boleh,(especially yang lelaki),tak payah la gaduh2..ada prob,sit down and settle the problem.. the example ive shared above may be small,but the concept i’m trying to share is massive.jika kita tak bersatu and help each other sekarang,bila lagi? nak masyarakat kita sama2 maju, we have to berkorban.. we were not born only to mentelaah ilmu.tanggungjawab kita banyak..beban itu perlu dipikul bersama.that’s where kesatuan and understanding comes.Attitude at times are more important than intellegence.and vice versa.

i think that’s about it for this post.sorry its too long.couldn’t help it.if korang ada apa2 nak add,share ,criticize, go ahead okay?!may Allah bless all of us.yang baik datang dari Allah , yang buruk from me myself..


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