Where is my money?

this story is according to hadith whose sanat is weak but can be used for preaching purposes(according to Prof Omar)

A rich man went to Hajj.When he reached Makkah,he took 100 dinar(which he brought) and kept it with a resident of Makkah who in known(and popular) for his honesty.When the rich man came back to take back his money(afer performing his Hajj),he found out that the man has died.

So the rich man asked the family members,but none of them knew where his money was. So the rich man went to the Ulama’ and told them of his situation.He was told to go to Zam Zam well at the stroke of midnight,look into the well and call the dead man by name.If the dead man is among the people of Jannah,he’ll reply.The rich man did as told.But when he called,no reply came.The rich man went back to the Ulama’ and told them what happened. ‘Innalillahiwaraji’un’..the dead man is in Jahannam! The ulama’ told the rich man to look into another well(i can’t remember the name,and location of the well.but that well existed during that time),look into the well cand call the dead man by name.if the dead man is Jahannam,he’ll reply.The dead man answered! The rich man asked ,’Where is my money?’.The dead man said ‘I buried it in my house because i don’t trust my family,so go and dig’. The confused rich man further asked ‘How come you are now in Jahannam’.The dead man said ‘I have a poor sister.I wasn’t kind to her.Allah punished me because of her(of his unkindess to her)’#


the Prophet (Peace be upon him): who cut family relations won’t enter the Paradise..

so,how’s the story you people out there?? what i’ve gained during the Maghrib kuliah 2 nights ago really hit me on the nasal bone.basic and vital things which we thought has been taken care of actually has not.what we see(if we don’t look hard enough) and experience now are merely the tip pf ice-berg..continue with our ignorance and lack of attention to family and relative issues,we end up like Titanic..

you see,I’m not writing as if I’m a no-problem-person.. whatever i’m presenting here expresses the worries within me.and I’m sure this is a community-wide issue..world-wide issue.. the quote ‘Nothing waste more time than worrying ‘ tak boleh diterima pakai coz depends on what kinda thing we’re worried about.. some(or at most)times.we care for things not in their places and proportions.Islamic and ethical issues are bombarded everyday with the so called globalization,west-heat wave..this kinda things does effect us.. but we can make a difference,believe me.If there’s a will,and if Allah’s will,there is a way.Sama ada kita sudah bersedia atau belum with an ever constant thing called ‘change’.

isn’t it a lovely thing for a family how rich or poor sit together at the dining table or on floor eating food luxurios and tasty or not in a house big or small ,brick or wood?? the point is,no money can buy happiness.we have to work it out no matter what.The feeling of jealous towards our friends who belongs to a keluarga bahagia indicates something positive.But the feeling would be rather useless if we only sit and watch without any further thinking,analysing and processing. What’s the prob with my family? What have i done so far,to bring the family back togther?mom and dad always fighting?should i interfere?big bro always outside hanging out with his friends,should i speak to him?im alwayz busy with my own world..what should i do? .. all this kind of questions la..

ive been to many states in Malaysia throughout my study years.met so many people,been to so many family houses.Perlis,Negeri Sembilan,Penang,KL,Selangor,Pahang..differences detected , observed and experienced.but alhamdulillah most of the family ive known are very kind.they live a happy life no matter how hi,medium or low their tahap hidup is.family ties,family relations..cukup rapi penjagaannya.some even adopted me as their anak angkat!i say..so sweet..hehehe..rasa macam family sendiri jer.so comfortable to talk to them,..macam cushion yang lembut la.. 🙂 (i don’t talk too cushions!!) :O .heheh.. hey you there,hope korang faham wuteva im sayin’.. forgive me if ada terlaser,or which ever part of the text which y’all tak setuju.i know this last 2 paragraph sorta bercampur aduk..so many things to say,but in an unorganized way.sorry!Im a human,tak lari dari silap..we’re humans,tak semua berfikiran sama.. forgive me if Im wrong.yang baik datangnya dari Allah,yg buruk datangnya dr aku sendiri.. wallahu’alam.


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