Sounds of Disapproval


We shouldn’t ever make any sound of disapproval to our parents .. (i dont have to demonstrate do i?) i know its such a norm nowadays dat we as children to our parents never ever thought the consequences and risks we are as we don’t care eh?.. well,to be fair,let’s just say some of us are simply being ignorant.taking things easy.. not being adil.caring for things not in their places and proportions.

Don’t you know that if we don’t treat our mothers(and our fathers) well,we’ll be punished by Allah Almighty? How ? Imagine our own child/children treating us the same way we treated our parents.. we are also punished for being ‘far away’ from Allah Ta’ala.

There is a story told during the Prophet’s time(Peace be upon him).I’m not so sure of the source, but according to Prof Omar’s talk on Tuesday,its from a weak hadith.He said ‘Ulama’ said that in matters of preaching,some hadith which are weak can be used. The term sahih and da’if are for technical classfication.This is because some people who conveyed a hadith are not trustworthy.

well the story goes like this.. It was reported, a young man(who worked very hard in his solat,sawm and sadaqah) fell sick one day.His illness became worse. His wife went to Rasulullah (Peace be upon him)and told Rasulullah of his husband terminal illness. Prophet asked 3 people (i tak ingat the names,but i think it was the sahabah…) to go to the young man and ask him to repeat the Syahadah.The young man tried but his tounge couldn’t move. The Prophet was told about this.Rasulullah asked if the young man’s mother is still alive.The sahabah asked the man’s wife and they were told that the mother is alive.The Prophet then told the sahabah to tell the mother to come and see him if she’s well,but if not,the Prophet himself will go and meet the mother. When told about this, the mother said ‘No,I am the one who will go to him.So,she went,using her walking stick as support’ .

Rasulullah (Peace be upon him) told the mother ,’Tell me the truth what I’m going to ask you.How’s your condition?’ The mother said that she’s angry with his son.When asked why,she replied that he used to give reference of her to his wife.The Prophet then said ‘Go and collect a lot of firewood’.The mother asked why,and the Prophet told her that he is going to burn his son.The mother reply came ‘I can’t stand you burning him in front of me’.The Prophet answered ‘Allah’s punishment is more terrible and permanent.’. The Prophet then told the mother to forgive her son so that he won’t burn him, because her son’s prayers,sawm and sadaqah won’t be beneficial if the mother is angry. The mother said ‘I swear by Allah that i forgive my son’. The sahabah went to the ill young man to see if he could pronounce the Syahadah.The mother’s pleasure and forgiveness has loosen the son’s tounge.The young man died that day.

-the above is the 8th major sins to our parents.Punishment due to this sin is VERY severe-


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