hijrul al karib

9th Major Sin

‘if you have poor relative,give(help) to them first.If you sadaqah to strangers first,it won’t be written down in our book’

how do we care for the family institution nowadays?how do we,as daughters,sons,abe Long,kak Long,or even the youngest member,play our role in the family?o we simply leave the task of upholding this holy institution to our parents because we’re busy studying/working ? Do we visit our family/relatives?Do we check on their conditions? Do we enter the house with salam,or do we fail to spread salam even when we see them?When family relations are broken,do we join and seal them? Be truthful to yourself,you’ve got the answers,and they’re there to serve you..

One of the sahabahs(i can’t remember who) once said during his talk that anyone(who is sitting in the majlis and listening) who breaks relationship with his or her relative , should get up and leave.A man at the far end of the group stood up and left the majlis.He went to his aunt.She asked,what brought you to me after so long?the man told her what he heard from the majlis.the aunt asked him to go back to the majlis and ask why.. the reply came ‘Rasulullah said,Mercy of Allah doesn’t come to any group of people who among them cut off relations’..



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