busy,busy … busy ???

salamz and a good day to all.the announcement has been made,Women’s health lecture is cancelled today.postponed to tomorrow 3-pm..ayyoo…well,dug,acai and rafeek using the comp jugakz.. well,this week and last,rasa macam sibuk sangat..apa yang disibukkan tak tahu la.macam-macam nak buat.macam-macam kena buat.the given options memang banyak.just that i don’t have my priority right.between Tok Sira fasci program,Assunta Challenge 2004 and Friendly Comparative Religion,my family coming.. ayyoo.. which one ,which one??? the best part is that the whole bunch i mentioned above is happening on the same day!! yeah,Saturday this week..24/4/04.. good luck to me.other people have their problems too.kesian kesian..

kay..going on to my family..they came down to this part of the heast coast last week..spend quality time with them,makan out,watched polo,riding with my lil bro Iskandar..boy does he loves to ride!! missed riding lor… my sister finally added a testimonial for me kat friendster.so very da’ sweet. as for my cousin,he said im very kind,polite..tuh boleh tolerate lagik.. he said im religious!! alhamdulillah..i know there’s lots and lots of room for improvement in myself.. prof omar said during the epidemiology revision class just now that only few people waste time on the internet answering questionnaires..well,thats not what im doing here right.. i hope im writing this not for nothing..for something obviously.. i’ve secrets to be kept within my self..but also things i want to share with you all.

last nite,after Maghrib prayers at CF musolla,Prof Omar delivered his weekly Tuesday talk..i mean,tazkirah..he read lots of ayat and hadis pertaining to the Greatest Sins.. among them ; breaking the relationship between our parents , family and relatives..i’ll write in detail in my next post due to time constriction..gotta baca anat!!! today got anat practical.may Allah bless al of us.wait for my nesxt post tau!!


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