the big day has arrived..heheh..takde la gempak or stuffs,..but for sure tonight is the night.Tak sure pun how many of us gonna turn up at GB corner. Najwa!!! Gosh…payah beno nak ngajok minah sorang nie.. luckily she called last nite saying that she’ll come,after 10.30pm.okay lah tuh,at least ada intention to come.ey Najwa,everyone misses evry1 fact,pak yol asked,’shameera datang tak?’..hiyak hiyak hiyak,..

kay,today nyer class aku ngantuk !!!! help! i need some help…!! my fault ,really,last nite slept late..humm,petang nie ada practical ..anat.beside me front of me,munirah..she’s about to leave..and so should i.. God bless you all.sorry post nie boring..coz im bored!!!!!!!!!! dats y..heheh..kay..

ps:… Mourning Sickness ———————-

BELEN, N.M. – A New Mexico family who had just completed a funeral mass for a loved one were shocked to discover his

cremation urn contained only sanitary wipes . There was

nothing sinister about the missing remains, but rather a

mix-up by a confused funeral home employee created the

mourning fiasco. The funeral for the late Edward Pacheco

went ahead Monday, although the family had not been informed

Pacheco had not yet been cremated, said Dicky Romero of

Romero Funeral Homes in Belen. Romero said the employee was

told the crematorium was waiting for the signed death

certificate and cremation authorization. Romero said when he

asked his employee why he let the funeral proceed to the

cemetery, he responded he hadn’t known what to do. “This is

a mockery,” said Helen Pacheco-Torres, Pacheco’s sister. “As

a Catholic family, we performed a Mass for our loved one,

but in reality, we blessed a package of baby wipes.”


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