unofficial mini-gath class 97 pak yol(azrul azwan),bedap(firdaus),boy and i met up at boy’s all started with the sms pak yol sent me.takut jugak coz lately nie ada orang gila nie asyik,i pretended to be another person,married.and juliana have sold her number to me.and she’s gonna gat engage next week.and so pak yol wuz like ‘eh,how come none of her frens told me bout this?’hiyak hiyak bad of me kan.last2 when i confirmed he was indeed my exclassmate masa form 3 dulu,i told him the truth later bedap accompanied me to meet pak yol.on d way lalu boy’s house.tak tahu pon umah dier.kebetulan he wuz standing outside his house.kay,in case u people are lost,sekarang nie aku tengah menceritakan saat yg best dan tak bley nak dilupakan whereby we(all d dudes and a dudette mentioned above) met up for the first time ever after 7 years.catch up on lotsa things.this that..

we’re planning to have a gathering of our 3C classmates.siap nak ajak Puan Nornilawati our other exSMARTian frens..ajak zahid,ayai,najwa,masliana,peghuh dan ramai lagik..kay,to any exSMARTians out there batch 9599,please contact me or any of the names mentioned for the date and time,has yet to be confirmed..i’ll put up d details here in this blog bila dah sure aight?

last nite ,kena jaga comp lab.luckily not alone this time coz dah 3 mlm berturut2 dok sorang.since last nite was sunday nite,ada la jugak students yg mai.year 4 students..and then mr jep pon ader. maybe this July ada program sekolah again.this time combine a few jep said SEMSAS,IHSAN, and… SMART !!!!!!!!!!!! ha,tuh yang mahal tuh.. 🙂 commitee tak set up lagi,bersabar dulu . kay,im at the comp lab.mawad in front of me,another sis beside me..faizal ada kat sinih gaks..ada revision class he said.kay,will sambung next time.ada PBL sat gi.God bless y’all..

erm,bother to check out this page kayy..


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