what a fine day

today sangat sangat best…morning had a quiz…then 1 class.then finish!! skipped lunch.terus balik ke bilik..rest.then suddenly ada emergenct call from chue..some sisters kena tinggal dek bas..actually the bus was there,parked nicely at the bus parking space..but the pakcik was kinda invisible that time.nobody saw him..or maybe he didnt see the gurls.heng,aisha,amber went in my car.zoomed to the terminal.luckily we made it on time..than later hantar asila pulak.dia balik melaka.humm..back to my room..then perut nie terasa lapar la plak.. went to taj point..had mee goreng mamak..than went to fetch maximus.. heheh..kay ,kay..this week ramai sisters yang balik..brothers aku tak berapa nak sure..humm.tapi yang pastinya im among those yg tak balik this week..ive to cover jirah and lin to jaga the computer lab..3 malam maa…humm..kay,i think i better be going..nak maghrib dah nie..

“It makes you smarter”- on the other hand,exercise can increase the amount of oxygen reaching our brains by as much as 30%.studies have shown that increasing the amount of oxygen availble to the brain increases mental activity.Jogging,a brisk walk,or mowing the lawn can restore your mental edge..

ps:jogged 2 1/2 rounds at taman bandar..didnt sleep till 4am!!! heheh..


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