assalamualaikum and a good started quite well..heheh..woke up at 4.30am..slept again ..woke up again at 6.30am..15missed calls..humm..studied yesterdays lecture..8.15am to class.sempat beli kueh..3 classes..2 Prof Omar, 1 Prof San Omar’s 1st class was a disaster!!i was a little bit sleepy and i couldn’t help but…sleep!!!please don’t try this at class okay frens?!!but the next class i managed to open my eyes larr..after class,stayed back to finish up my epidemiology assignment..2hours shivering to the bones at the library computer station..balik bilik,solat..then went to Aimi’s room..another epidemiology assignment..she’s suppose to ask me questions,well,personality kinda questions,i answered more of the B type..but mixture la people know rite bout this type A or type B personality thingy ??the interview lasted about an hour..then balik a msg from my suppose to see her at HTAA mum left some money for me at her..hehe..prayed Asar then zoomed of to HTAA with Asila..(she wanted to go to Ktn,we went together..).got my $$,then to Parade..hehe..wuttaday..and after maghrib,Asila and I went to the library..which where i am rite now.jap lagi nak balik bilik!!!itsss getting icy-cold in here..kay you people..God bless us all..

ps:here’s a lil something for all of you..

“Tanggungjawab berat yang menanti kita ialah melahirkan umat yang berbudaya dan berteknologi tinggi. Dua bentuk umat ini juga haruslah mencintai warisan budayanya sendiri dan mencintai budaya ilmu.” (Dato’ A. Aziz Deraman)


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