my Kitten ! 11past 8am..30th march 2003..humm,last nite i slept..eekkzzz,jap..i didnt sleep last nite.this morning i slept like around 0330..someone called me,so hand to hang on for more than an hour..heheh..dats d kind of thing i do especially after tests..the mini test yesterday was..i dunno.the anatomy questions,to me,quite hard coz i didn’t really finish covering the whole thing before the short i wasnt well prepared.and as for epid,okay-la..wuteva ittiz ive to wait for the result.

after the test,we had PBL.with dr Imad this comment on that one..than solat,than off to do some chores.1st stop: Voon Pharmacy ..had to find this special shampoo for my kitten.Julie got kitten??well,not yet really,but getting one it for free,’yeah’.fav word prof omar..eheheh..i like the way he says ‘yeah’..okay,so i got the shampoo.then dropped by bedap’s place..thats my classmate masa form 3 dulu.we weren’t close back then coz he’s the shy-away type.heheheh..sekarang pun control gaks.but nvm..dat time i havent had lunch yet.nie semua PBL- lambat- habis punya pasal.but luck was on my side this time,kebetulan his mom had puding pisang and kek kukus on the dining,apa lagik,makan la!!!!after that i managed to drag him to teman me look for a cage for my kitten..’my kitten’ coz i havent named it yet.well,we ended up with this bamboo cage from the aquarium shop near the police station.hehe..very the cantik one y’ it for 28bucks.after that went to get the tickets for along came polly.nice movie .. but i wont go for a second round for that movie.50 first date is coming to town this thursday,not sure if im gonna watch or not.that nite,after the movie,went to fetch najwa (my classmate in school).we went for a drink at TC.i had vanilla milkshake from wuz sooo thick i had to use spoon instead of the straw.

yeah,we catched up on a lot of stuffs.about ole frens,bout our present life.she’s doing practical here in telekom kuantan.. the best thing she told me waz about this guy back in her faculty in utm.dude from kay el,who luvs branded stuffs over the non-labeled ones.who goes only after gurls who wears skirt and also free-hair.bla bla..on te surface he seems like an out going person,macho,luvs a lil bit of socializing this that..but once u get to know him closer,he’s not that fun & cool pon.hey,i know this paragraph is kinda boring.actually my idea tak banyak mind is at my tummy..its making some weird noise rite now.i guess i better be the toilet!!!!!got lecture pon..kay,catch y’all later..


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