Epidemiology with Pf KZ

salamz..i dunno what happened to my 1st post..gone juz like dat eh…nevermind…im at the library..class is at 11 but i thught its at 0830..alang alang siap awal tuh,baik terus kan jer perjalanan ini.hehe. beside is angah,busy forwarding he frens(including me!) some tazkirah.we had breakfast together.she has nasi goreng with A LOT of sambal ..i had a lil bit of nasi goreng and a lil bit of mee goreng..hehe..kopi ais kao satu! and in front of me,is a nother classmate..his name is khairul,but people call him web..he looks kinda sleepy and tired..biasa la,saturday morning call.supposedly saturdays we dun really have classes.but today ada.Lecture Epidemiology with prof KZ..kay y’all..will sambung sometimes later..next week ada mini test!!! hope i’ll pass this one.God bless all of you.


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