mr policeman

assalamualaikumwarahmatullah and a good day to brothers are in da’ house,my sis at our cousin’s parents in jay in my room,facing my new HP nx5000.i just got it yesterday.well,it was waiting for my arrival.i touched down at KLIA around 8pm.lucky me i didnt have any luggage with me,just hand held the arrival looby,pakcik hashim was already waiting for me.i drove back home.along the drive back home,and in return i told him what ive been up to,what happened at the pondok polis near TC..phew,at least its out..u people wanna know ker?well,to those who are familiar with Kuantan,there is this road block happening every night without fail on the way to TC..check point-right in front of the Istana order to curb mat-rempit racing i not the speeding type,or driving without license type,so, it never worries me whatever time i pass by that road.well,lets just say its another night out.. when it was my turn ,the police asked me to slow down,fine..normal procedure,i slipped out my driving license,hand it over to the dude,and to my surprised he smiled and ask me to pull over ,..whoa..i looked at my driving license and then pulled license expired 7/3/04..dat day wuz 17/3/04 ..darn..i panicked.oh yeah,i sure did.the police kept asking me to sit down,but i insisted that i kept on standing..funny..

policeman: duduk la adik,kita bincang

julie: tak boleh pakcik,saya suka diri..

policeman:habis tuh kenapa drive kena duduk,tak diri?

julie:(…what a stupid question..but still,i proceeded by saying..) kereta roof dia rendah,how am i suppose to stand in the car??

well,another officed started the compund letter,the other one wanted to talk me,but i was busy with my phone.Call for help!i didnt exactly dial 991,but i was calling for resQ..tahan-ed by the police,calling for help from another Chief Officer.he send 2 of his officers(some VIP’s outrider!) to the scene..phew,i was saved this time..

i swear after what happened i will always check when my documents expire..the very next day,i had Arneda driving me to JPJ..tutup!after class went again,this time Khai drove easy to renew the license(*i never knew it was that easy.)siap on the spot!

well,after telling all this to pakcik hashim,we were nearly near home..we saw a car with a half-teared PAS sticker,a small one at the back bumper..pakcik hashim told me,its illegal to tear any Party’s flag/logo..sticker,flag wuteva..against the law!!!so you people out there,if u don’t like any of the political parties,it wont be wise destroying their flags or out with a more mature voice.Vote!! but i havent register yet! but insyaAllah the next pilihanraya,i will be ready!i campaigned alongside the candidates this year.duh!! hehe,say plenty of campaigning in Kuantan,and Pekan.Ampang?not bad?!i even have a BN’s mini umbrella in my car.very catchy!

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