Port Dickson Triathlon 2009 – race report

Salam and Hello all, I guess the rest of my fellow tri-blogger friends have updated their latest race report. Here is mine.

Pre race week

1 fine afternoon...

1 fine afternoon...

I didn’t do much ! But  I did a couple of rides at MEX highway, one time alone, a couple of times with my friends, and one time with a support car !  I ran a bit, swam a bit. but I was resting more, taking it easy on the knees and body. More stretching sessions !!  I was, a bit anxious (eventho not soo excited). It would be my 1st OD Triathlon race post Ironman  (note:Ironman was 5 months ago!)

I can almost feel the morning of 28th February 2009 when I swam 3.8km in Langkawi (p.s. the carry over effect).  I safely put hope on my open water swim experience for the coming PD Tri. I had to 2 weeks of break (from uni) before PD.. but couldn’t find the time for an open water swim. well I guess, for a 1.5km swim the 25m or 50m pool is good enough!

Anyways, pre race week, was relaxed, which is the way to be, but only after you’ve covered you training with a ‘Well Done!’ or a B+.. but in my case, there’s no point of grading anything here because I was undertrained( tho I am not completely non-training). I’ve been taking all the measures to ensure that me left knee continues to heal !

Pre race day

SELAMAT DATANG KE PORT DICKSON (welcome to Port Dickson)

SELAMAT DATANG KE PORT DICKSON (welcome to Port Dickson)

Left KL somewhere around 12. Drove alone to Port Dickson. Met up with the JB gang (Tarzan, Nikkie) for lunch after race kit collection.

A pretty relaxed afternoon. In the evening before dinner took sometime off at the beach.  The beach in PD  is ok, but not as scenic or as clean as Teluk Cempedak in Kuantan, Pahang or some of the beaches in Langkawi. It felt like a vacation looking at the fact that tomorrow is a race. I was completely relaxed, the pressure .. Slowly made my way after that to Admiral Marina PD where I met my other triathlete friends ; Steve, Puzi, Karoline, Awe, Iwata,Ah Thiam (Malaysian Kona qualifier),Abu,  Kam, AJ,  Mat Licin and the rest.

With friends; Iwata San, Steve Lee, Karoline Yee. Thanks Karo for the illegal water/shower !

With friends; Iwata San, Steve Lee, Karoline Yee. Thanks Karo for the illegal water/shower !

This time around I came a bit late for the dinner, so no queue at all at the buffet area ! haahah.. Ah Thiam came late too, so joined him, Ayu and their daughter, Elisya. Nik from Johor also was there. A plateful of pasta, mushroom soup and some potato. Burp ! Prize presentation for the sprint category took place. Top winners were from the Hong Kong national triathlon squad. :) Race briefing followed.  This time around the briefing took place outside the hotel lobby. Run route has changed. Awesome.. back to the old route. More shady and not so boring !

Eve of PD tri – super relaxed, no rush, felt more like a vaca. !

Race morning

I woke up around 5.30am . Race starts at 7am.Showered, a quick breakfast and drove to event site. Powerbar around 40 minutes before race start.  Powergel 5 minutes before race start. There was 5 wave starts. My age group category ; 4th wave.

My oh my..look at the water !!! It was anything but the PD I’ve seen before the past 2 years ! Gelora ! (means big rough waves in the Malay language). And nothing like Desaru !

Race strategy and goal

Finish the race injury free with a decent time. No way I’m going to perform like how I did last year. I did my 2nd O.D. triathlon here last year with a time of 3:01. Year before (2007)  I did a sprint.

I planed to swim free style all the way, maintain a constant cadence on the bike and maintain a decent pace for the run. I gotta control myself, not to push, not to be too excited !! And most importantly not to bust the recovering knees.


WASHING MACHINE. yeah…even Desaru wasn’t like this la ! I underestimated the water. Try ask any of your friends who did PD this year..huhuh..But once passing the 1st orange Powerbar buoy, into the marina, the water is much calmer. a J or rather an L kinda swim loop. Only 1 loop for PD. Coming out of the marina was a wreck ! The big waves keeps coming and rolling me ..memang macam dalam a giant washing machine !

I overtook a number of guys, but I knew my time was still.. ermm..slow despite doing the swim in free style !! technique julie, technique…. aaarrghh… at one time…I got kicked on the fore head…damn… I thought Ironman Langkawi was the only place here in Malaysia where you can get free kick boxing lesson in the water.. but PD..?! ahaah… but what to do la.. I didnt know I came out of the water with. But through some fotos uploaded by frieds, I came out of the water with Jason Thiang, my Pacesetters friend, who also did his maiden Ironman this year with me.


Oh yeah, I forgot to mention earlier on.. I wanted to take PD as my practice for transition. So quick transition at T1. Meaning..

1. Chuck aside my goggles and swim cap

2. Put on race belt.

3. Put on helmet.

4. Take bike off the rack

At the bike out line/area , mounted on the bike. Shoes already clipped on the bike and tied, so ‘fly mount’ for me !


The same route as last year.Again, no pushing.  Siok Bee passed me at the 7km mark (or there about) super fast lah weii…But I was surprised , Siok Bee is a fast swimmer..! Maybe she took some time at T1. Another friend, Steve, zoomed by shortly after shouting ‘All the way Julie’..! Inspired but this time I won’t be pushing more than I’ve planned. In fact, I don’t think I was pushing at all.

And this time around I had no aero bars on. I must admit I did not teach myself to become comfortable with aero bars. And I was not sure whether doing PD without aero bars will make any difference compared to having them on. Frankly, I just wished I had them on..!  I manage to keep the climbs steady and make full use of the following descend for another climb.

I’ve always loved hills, for both cycling and running. :) Yeap I do !!!!  Each cyclists will have their own preference of climbing style. Standing up, seated, or somewhere in between !  I’m seated most of the time !


T2 , I don’t remember how long it took me (someone not making full use of her watch !!).  PD Tri this year I did set in my mind that I wanter to do some practise on my transition.. :)

Coming off from the bike :-

1. Pushed bike towards the bike rack

2. Put the bike on the rack

3. Put on race shoe

4. Take off helmet

5. Put on cap (remember 1 second for each step..count as you do the things in the list :) so that tak kalut ! )

6. Grab that Powerbar gel and go !

7. Bump into Ish during the run start


The bestest run ever for PD. Started slow, no pushing, easy on the knee. Picked up the pace a bit mid way through, and last 2km , home run/balik kampung. :)

I did not have problem seeing the people who are usually in front of me now ahead of me, I’m here to enjoy the race. I didn’t even bother to check my time !!!! But inside there was a slight tingle to know there and then what was my time for the run…the run was slow..well, i felt i was slow.. but anyways…..

The last 2km I opened my stride and finished the race, as usual…sprinting :)

Post race

Shahrom Abdullah & Juliana Ali.

Shahrom Abdullah & Juliana Ali.

  1. Photography and huha session with friends !
  2. Took photos/videos of friends who are still racing
  3. Paced TSB and Bandit. Both doing their 1st OD triathlon and I’m very proud of them !

Split timing for PD 2009

00:47:14 1:21:43 0:52:08 03:02:06

Split timing for PD 2008

00:41:46 1:19:54 0:59:26 3:01:06

It was a guess game for me the next 4-5 days following the race. My estimation was a 3:10 – 3:08… My swim time was obviously sucky d/to the horrible , challenging yet fun water condition on race morning. Bike time… I wasn’t pushing at all… split timing shows an additional 2 minutes for bike.. But my MAJOR MAJOR BESAQ GEDABAQ surprise actually came from my run time…wth….? wth in a postive way lah… betul ke ni… (is this for real?)..aahhaha…

All in all, I would be stupid if I say I’m not satisfied with my time. The non-training, the knee, the this, the that…. aaa.. but seriously, I was taking it pretty easy this time around (talking about PD prep).My total time caught me off guard. It’s a sign .. that rest and recovery do play a role in your performace !!! You gotta balance it up !!

among the Powerbar Team Elite members  who took part in PD Tri ; Shahrom, Major Kalam, Kuna, Juliana Ali

among the Powerbar Team Elite members who took part in PD Tri ; Shahrom, Major Kalam, Kuna, Juliana Ali

More race pics to be uploaded later.

swim start !

swim start !

what a swim !

what a swim !

Bike start . mind the tongue. :P

Bike start . mind the tongue. :P

Designer Bernard Chandran behind me (in pink tri suit). I didn't realize that he was behind me until I saw this picture!

Designer Bernard Chandran behind me (in pink tri suit). I didn't realize that he was behind me until I saw this picture!

missJeweLz making her way to the finish line. :)

missJeweLz making her way to the finish line. :)

Pictures courtesy of Jason Lee, Elaine and Rais. Thanks guys !



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