Port Dickson Triathlon 2012 – race report

Salam & greeting ! Hola & halu again for the second time in less than a week. It is fun get going again with this blog ! I hope all of you had a great weekend with loved ones and friends. Whether you ran, went shopping, swimbikedran in PD (ehem), hope it was all for a good cause ! Taking full advantages of your weekends means that you’re appreciating your life and not letting it to waste.

Thanks Sam !

As for myself, I was at Port Dickson Triathlon. Little did I know 2 weeks ago that I will be taking part though I did have the intention to register (like how I’ve been registering for this major Malaysian tri-event the past couple of years), until I saw that registration has closed.. (duh..PD is a hot-seller!).. Anyways, Samantha was kind enough to hook me up with a relay team whose was short of a swimmer. Thank you Sam ! So there was I, a relay swimmer ! I’ve been running more than I’ve swam the past couple of months, though I do occasionally swim nevertheless, swim it was.

For a regular tri-person, nothing comes more meaningful than being able to take part, if not compete. Participation is one thing, competing is another.. converge those two : than it’ll be a bonus for me. I haven’t stayed away from being active, be it running on weekends, or taking part in events. To a lesser extent, perhaps yes, maybe.  I pirated the SCKLM- did the 10km. Run or swim occasionally to keep fit.

Back to the meat of the topic : PD TRI 2012 .

Before race start

Dearest hubby and I drove in the morning from KL. Journey took less than an hour. Manage to get a nice parking spot at the field/open area next to the transition area. Good thing we reached Avilion Cove before 6am. Or else we would have to park even further. I had a good 2 visit to the loo before race start ! haha.. but I made sure I had my body-marking done before that. Hihi.. remember, for PD, come early and get your body marking done first before anything, else you gotta queue for a bit. It was almost 7am when my relay team mate, Shariz called to meet up. Got the timing chip from him, as well an XXL t-shirt. Well, it was good enough – can share with hubby lah ! haha.. T-shirt was okay & ‘sempoi’.. ‘so what?!’ <

Moving on to the transition area, I informed Shariz, as he was doing the bike and run, that I’ll be passing him the chip at the designated area (at the canopy, at one of the corners of the transition area), after which he has to put them on before getting his bike from the bike rack. Wished him luck, then headed off for the swim. (I did warn him that I might take longer to finish the 1.5km — which was proven very much later on!)

On to the beach with my numero uno supporter, mr hubby. Brought along a bottle of water to sip before the swim start. Relay swimmers were in the 5th wave. Swam a bit to warm up and ‘test’ the water. The tide was still high.. wavy too unlike previous years. Nothing much I can do about that. Got back on the beach, and caught up with other tri-friends. Not a surprise to see some regulars doing relay just like myself. There were plenty of newbies and first timers as well. Interesting to see them where I was a couple years back ! teehee… Nurina was doing relay with her kids. Not too sure if I could keep up with her pace. But my sole target was just to finish the swim safe and in one piece . (Jaja, you were missed btw…!)


My group were flagged off last after the women open and women veteran category. That means yeay, less probability of being Bruce Lee-ed in the water! My little strategy was to keep on going, without pushing hard, and by alternating between breast stroke and free-style so that I don’t tire out too fast, and to keep that heart rate not too high. That worked on well until I started (well accidentally of course!) swallowing sea water.. around 2-3 big gulps of em in total (thanks to the oncoming waves).

I took the outer border of both Power Balance buoy/balloon to ensure that I’m swimming fair! Navigating was not so tricky even without the smaller orange/white buoys.. I wasn’t sure how the rest did it.. even from the 1st and 2nd Power Balance buoy, the line/smaller buoys were obviously missing. It was only as I approached the 2nd buoy (at the far end of the marina), that my feet accidentally kicked the line (terkejut jugak… ingatkan apa la..).. Swimmers did collide with oncoming swimmers from either side ! I manage to fend myself as I used both the breast stroke and free-style giving me the advantage of continuous ‘navigation’. I was doing okay for the first 1km ++, switching from breast stroke (every 10 strokes) to free style, before changing them after 5 strokes (later 7..)..

I tried not to swim ‘blindly’ – its an open sea water swim. Safety is important. Knowing your own ability at that point of time you’re swimming, is important too. There’s no fast and hard rule to how you are suppose to swim as long as you can from start to the finish, safe, not only for yourself but to the swimmers around you. Well that unless you are truly competitive and need to be ahead of the pack to reach the shore first !

If somebody grabs you (in cases of cramps/breathing difficulty etc..) what would you do? Hence, always try, through training and experience (and knowledge) not panic.. Okay, I gotta admit, I have experienced panic situations.. toe cramps counted ? (yes!!).. Nearly got ‘in touch’ with a jelly fish in Langkawi.. our little friend appeared from nowhere and was centimeters away from my tummy ! On Sunday, my right toes (or was it left) decided to cramp as early as the first 20m. It went away after I switched from breast stroke to free style. (toe sejuk kot..).

And.. as early as the 100m point, I actually saw somebody swimming back stroke right ahead of me. Fine, swim backward, but ‘watch’ where you’re going ! heeehee.. managed a split second smile of glee and wonder of where this person was going.. and hey, again at the 800m point (there about..). Wasn’t sure if it was the same person or not ! Jangan kena sepak dekat kepala dah..

On to the last 400m-500m.. My tummy didn’t take the Straits of Malacca water quite easily that morning.. ended up barfing them out ! Imagine doing that while swimming.. well, I had to literally slow down to ‘guess’ what’s going on.. raised my hand for the kayak, and held to it before doing ma thing ! Thank you and sorry mr Kayak ! It wasn’t the best of experience ! It was sea water that exited..erkk.. and not the bread or roti canai I had at 5am in the morning (lucky me).

It felt so much better after that, and I continued on the last swim stretch. Nurina overtook me during my ‘pit stop’. She too stopped to help a fellow swimmer who needed help. God Bless you Nurina. She powered on ahead, but I kep to my snail pace, though eager to reach for the shore. Guess who came ahead of me? Patsy ! Yeap, the grannies of all lady triathletes here in the local tri scene. Bukan tak kasi chance, but swim-bike transition I would naturally run, and not walk..So I ran the beach stretch, pass the shower and water station.. kesian my relay cyclist dah tunggu lama.. oh LOLz…
Shariz actually announced, that’s my swimmer coming …! Haha.. Patsy got a round of applause to as she got her bike. I passed Shariz the timing chip, and again wished him the best !  Nurina & I was all done, and we headed back to shower.


The plan was to run after my team mate and husband return from the bike leg. Hubby and I will just run for fun, while Shariz takes on the real challenge ! (Bravo Shariz!!). So I had ample of time to shower, change to my running attire and relax while waiting for the guys to come back. It was getting sunny and hotter as I walked to the bike in stretch (from the main road junction to the little round about right after the bike out) to wait the guys. Saw Meor and his son, said Hi! And remarked that it was getting hotter. I was a bit concern of the heat, in case it get hotter.

But that all went away once my team relay mate, and husband came back. Changed to our running shoes, and were out on the road again after a good 5mins, this time running. The run route was pretty much the same as last year except that the off-road section was even longer. More sand and grass ! My Brooks didn’t fail me even though we had to go through some quite sandy sections. There were ample of water stations, which was good as I had to keep myself hydrated. The road section was fairly short and we turned in for the off-road way before Avillion Hotel, down to the beach. As much as 80% of the last 4-5km was off-road, next to the sea. Most importantly, it was SHADED and WINDY. I was very happy as that diminished my concern of a raised core temperature. Run was a breeze and I enjoyed every step of it.

A fellow racer complained that the off-road section was too much and the organizers could have chosen better trails. Well I’d rather that the run route is shaded than having to take in the heat of the tarmac and pressure of passing vehicles/motorists. One complaint though.. the weekend beach visitors.. 2-3 of them pretended to run along side em races while another friend video recorded them. Myself, a guy video recorded (using a tablet) passing triathletes at one of the off-road right unto our face. I was turned off and took another route to avoid being recorded. Clap, cheer… but video recording in my face just pisses me off. If you’re the official photographer, no problem at all. I turned away unsure how many seconds of recording has taken place. Support sports event positively and not by jeering and mocking the participants in whatever ways that you think best suits your need. Take part, volunteer, and the least, give positive encouragement !

Anyways, I finished the run fine, with my dearest on my side. He was very supportive alright. As Shariz was doing the run leg, I made sure not to head for the finish shoot . I’ve done my part for the day (swim leg). The run was just to make the trip down to PD more worthwhile. Memorable indeed. And yes, brought back with me some tan lines. Haha..

Post-event rituals

#1 Photo & camwhoring & sweet little surprises

It is one’s absolute right to have a good time post event. Chill with the stresses and enjoy the time that you have with your beloved ones, and fellow friends. Shariz called after the run, for a group photo. I was taken by surprise when he took out 3 medals from his bag..whoaaahhh.. I seriously DID NOT KNOW (after years doing PD) that relays get medals as well. Schweet,,, a sweet surprise indeed. Hubby got 1 too ! hehehe.. I made sure he accepted it !

Headed to the finish/stage area for a group photo. That’s where I met up again with my regular tri buddies, Stupe, Fairul, Patrick and Kam. Saw Ezan too and congratulated her. Smokin’ hot and red Ezan ! Nasib baik rambut u tak merah or blonde okay !

#2 Cool down

Hahah.. One thing great about PD Tri, the official hotel swimming pool is accessible to the triathletes post-race. Not that we’re asked to hog the pool, but it was just perfect to cool down after the race. Soaking yourself in the pool and massaging em legs feels oh so good. Later on, headed to the shower before we headed for lunch.

#3 Lunch

Reload early (water, protein and such) after the race. We went straight to a nearby restaurant (opposite the Royal Yatch Club) for makan. I had rice, veg and some beef.. And on the way back to KL, stopped at one of the R&Rs to get some cut fruits. Was already craving for something sweet by then !

#4 Home

We were home before 3pm. Prayed. Then slept !


What a day !  The event was great, so was the company of old and new friends who I met yesterday. To my dearest husband, thank you for the endless support. 

To all PD Tri starters and finishers, two-thumbs up ! Let’s all look forward for PD once again next year, InsyaAllah. Come prepared for more fun and excitement while not forgetting the safety aspects of triathlon racing.

To the IIU X Team members who took part whether as relay, or individual, kak Julie applauds and congratulates of you. Our jersey memang kool okay ! Arep/Nadea, jgn lupa akak nak jersey satu ok. :
Kam, Stupe, Fairul, Arif, Senn, Nurina, Patrick, Raymond, Michelle, Ezan, Siok Bee, Chris, Lesley, Ann, Fadli (Lee), Sharom, Jessica,Chin Chin, Lie Wei, Patsy, Uncle Allen & wife, Tey, Chan Wing Kai, Razani, Razlan, Samantha, Eugene, Syafiq and etc, it was great to meet all of you again . Aileen, I saw you from afar !  Thank you to those who have supported me and my team, directly or indirectly. We didn’t aim for podium, so what?! Hehehe..

Shariz : Next year PD expects an OD from ya ! And congrats again ! You did great !


-prepare to laugh..!-

“Hey you’ve put on weight you lazy bugger !!”

–Uncle Yee Sze Mun to missjewelz-

He shouted out these words to me as he passed me during the run leg. In case you can’t/didn’t get the joke, wait for my explanatory post/announcement in my next entry. Vokeyhh ?!!

Love, peace & harmony;


Previous Port Dickson International Triathlon race reports :






Fr left: Shariz, Hardi :) my other 1/2, and myself – post race @ PDIT 2012

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  1. hi. i saw u on the race day… (been reading your blog for few years :))
    and i noticed .. are you pregnant ..? :) of yes, congratulations!

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