• Arrival of missJeweLz Jr #2





    With my first munchkin a day before I gave birth to my second :) Now home confined for a ‘sure’ rest, speedy recovery..and taking in the reality that I have already 2 kids ! Allah Akhbar. Allah Akhbar.

  • ReLive Those Memories- ‘Un’breathe social media

    You know how we like to ‘re-live’ our past and fondest memories? You notice those posts and articles on Facebook on the best things list growing up in the 70s, 80s and 90s for example? Or any ‘Down Memory Lane’ groups for that matter.Whichever decade it is, I am sure there is a piece of something from the past which we kinda love to see again , directly and indirectly– whether by ourselves or as a trend in the community we live in. Imagine your favourite cartoon being made into a movie, or your favourite band from 20-30 years ago coming to town to perform. Or your favourite UB40 /Bob Marley song suddenly being played in some loud speaker– makes you wanna jump to the beat !

    I would love to relive even for an interim those days Before the birth of  Friendster, MySpace,Facebook AND Whatsapp. I will still consider Hotmail and Yahoo though. Things were running at a slower pace and yet good news were still out for genuine reasons to people who really matters. ‘Because it took more time and effort’ obviously was not just the  reason. It was the sincerity overriding everything. To those who lived through period of snail mail, you get what I mean. In a more Malaysian geared context, those days where listing all the names and addresses for your Raya,CNY,Deepavali and Christmas cards, buying stamps and proudly marching to the post office/mail box to drop them off. Hahaa… The whole experience itself is exciting. Bonus when you get an exchange. Haha…!

    Well, I am on a small social experiment here (for myself lah) — I have a big news sitting to be shared with my friends. Took the first step by not posting it on FB/Instagram. And secondly, avoid making it viral on Whatsapp (family group aside). Thirdly, only SMS ing friends and colleagues who matters to me :) I’m happy it worked so far and I don’t feel belittled at all for not ‘Posting’ it. 20 years ago it would be something too special to be ‘snail mailing’ it too just any random friends. You get me right?

    I love pieces of my past, and personal touch is simply one of them. If I could personalise my SMS messages I would but this time around I still had to pick from my contact list and bundle SMS them. The recipients don’t have to feel obliged to reply to them since I can’t see that 2 double tick in blue (a Whatsapp feature which indicates if recipients have read the incoming message), nor are they spamming any Whatsapp group/chats with replies after replies. I was recently put off by waking up to 780++ whatsapp messages in a group somebody from my former school added me. I didn’t leave the group but was scrambling to find how can I clear all those irrelevant messages without having to click and select each of them to delete. Good thing is I just discovered how to clear messages in group chats. Wwooohooo… Sorry still ‘Buta IT’ a bit…hehe.<– not an IT savvy.

    Anyway, I think my experiment worked and proved successful :) Thank you everybody who replied ! Hehe..

    So what's the good news??.waitttt for it……I will snail mail once I have the time to. Haahaha… We live by the moment but we don't want those moments to fly past very fast. To all my Malaysian friends, Happy Merdeka !!!!

    Just me,


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  • Another year !

    Every birth date marks another progress in one’s life, and I can’t deny the reality of it. Every coming of it marks a milestone, and looking back how far I’ve come since milestone #1 (or any figure for that matter). With age, should come responsibility. Responsibility keeps me ‘grounded’, and faith keeps me rooted as I continue to  maneuver and explore the endless possibilities, opportunities, conquering the peaks and braving the trenches.

    People and the souls that I truly love and matter keep me in check with reality, and life relevant and meaningful. Life is unlivable alone, ever, yet we are generally reminded that in the end, the resting place is where we will be evaluated, and judged alone, and nothing, nothing from this world goes with us to this milestone except for our 1) charity 2) ilm’/knowledge which have been share and benefited 3)prayers of righteous child(ren).

    Birth date marks zestful life, health, ability etc, and by wisdom and reality, it should also be reminding me what I am really in for. My gratitude and heartfelt appreciation for all the kind gestures, words and greetings which I received today, and please continue to pray that all will go well with me, my family and the remaining weeks of my second pregnancy. Your prayers are mostly appreciated and don’t worry about dropping me a birthday gift, as the only gift that would really matter is your honest prayer for your sister here ! :)

    For the fun of it, I did enjoy being a tad younger, celebrating life and the endless list of adventures I was up to, and looking back, I had more than I could have asked for– some served as reminders, some served as a precaution for me to be more careful with whatever I feel, think, say or do. And now being a mother, it is one of the best experience and turning point which have occurred to me. Still, the journey of becoming a better Muslimah in the eyes of Allah Almighty continues and I hope all of you reading this milestone entry of mine can appreciate the message which I am imparting here. This is not another race report, just a review of my life report as I am evaluating it thus far.

    I have a couple of years more to go before I hit the IV series, and I will make sure every year will be more exciting for myself at least ! What’s next? We’ll see, and I hope you folks out there will make sure life is definitely a roller coaster where the adventure never end. Please forgive me for all my wrongs intentionally or unintentionally. I pray the best for all of you whether we’ve met or not. :)

    In my element

    In my element

  • IMUSLIM – What’s coming up in August ?

    Ilm’ is investment for both dunya wal akhirah, and it is human nature to explore and seek for knowledge from the magnitude of sources available. I am supporting a noble cause by IMuslim to become a change agent in igniting mind through their programs. For more information, kindly click on the poster below.

    Poster source : iMuslim newsletter

    Poster source : iMuslim newsletter

  • Eid Mubarak dari missjewelz

    Eid Mubarak, Selamat Hari Raya Eid ul Fitr , Maaf Zahir dan Batin to all my Muslim friends, wherever you are. Its the 6th day of Syawal and I am sure everybody is still very much in the Eid celebration mood. 1st Syawal (Syawal : the month following Ramadhan/fasting month in the Islamic/Hijri lunar calendar.

    ‘Hari Raya’ <<- is the Malay term for ‘Eid’– something synonymous to us Malaysians. It marks the time for family reunion, receiving blessings and forgiveness from elders, and also seeking for forgiveness from others. Hari Raya is pretty much embedded in Malaysian culture. ‘Balik kampung’ , main mercun, duit raya, baju raya, kueh raya, lemang, ketupat and what have you not ! :) Bur of course, the true meaning of Muslims celebrating ‘Hari Raya Aidilfitri’ is more than just these items. Eid ul Fitr is a form of celebration for Muslims to celebrate the victory of having observed a full month of fasting and other worship activities in the month of Ramadhan. The spirit of Ramadhan is strongly encouraged to be brought forward and practised in following months; ie observing moderation, humility, empathy for the poor, steadfastness and patience.

    This shall be my last Hari Raya as a mom to 1 beautiful daughter as next year, InsyaAllah baby number two will be joining the team for raya ! :) A handful and an extra dose of happiness InsyaAllah. I am currently in my 3rd trimester and not long before calling it home run. I have been pretty exhausted and trying to catch some meaningful days of rest though most didn’t end up as rest days ! missJeweLz is always up to something ! Anyways, I do appreciate you duaas and prayers that all shall go well for me, baby and rest of my family.

    Raya this year was a bit tiring thanks to the scorching KL heat. I beared 2 houses, but ended up feeling very fatigue and sleepy.

    To the rest of you who have made it to your hometown, and back to work, alhamdulillah. For those still travelling, I wish you a safe journey. Lets take the best out of Ramadhan and let it stay with us heart and soul before we meet this holy month again insyaAllah next year. Forgive and forget, and trust that there is nothing better than lifting the sins of others and lightening their burdens. We wish the same for ourselves don’t we.

    I know Malaysia (especially of late) have been bombarded with politico-social  issues which sometimes gets into the mind. My key is to just focus on what’s really important to me where I have a control of, not to judge hastily and be nice (and humble) to everybody. Life is just too short to stock up on negative news, issues and people. Make it more meaningful by surrounding ourselves with positive thoughts, people and environment.

    Triathlete cum Runners in Salomon

    Triathlete cum Runners in Salomon : missjewelz was honoured by the invitation by Salomon Malaysia for the launch of their CityTrail running shoe recently ! That’s me and my triathlete friends from Iroman Langkawi 2009  + Rayzeef (ultra distance runner)

    Please forgive me for all my slacking and wrongdoings which I have intentionally/unintentionally committed or caused. I am just another human who seeks improvement in all ways possible.

    I haven’t been blogging ‘sports’ and ‘fitness’ for a while — and as a blogger, that’s what I do, I write my experiences and thoughts, and I don’t write non-experience just to make a timeline or attract hits. For those who have recently dropped in comments, Thank You and please keep them coming.

    Do check out www.kilausuriasports.com – I’ve recently organised and conducted a Triathlon Talk Series for Beginners. Response was positive for the inaugural kick off, and I hope this will be something continuous in the long run for those keen to know about triathlon.


    Please feel free to contact missjewelz should you be interested to have the talk at your organisation !

    Triathlon Talk Series for Beginners Part 3 on 12 July 2015.

    Triathlon Talk Series for Beginners Part 3 on 12 July 2015.

    My immediate plan (apart from conducting talks) is to simply focus on a safe delivery and get baby number 2 up and running ! heehehe… I am super duper excited to meet this person – – like, really ! Okay, will the other ramblings for future posts.

    There are a few triathlon/duathlon races lined up for you in case you have not registered, and still open for 1-2 races this year. Will quickly list them down for you  ! If its too last minute to train for the 70.3/Ironman , go and watch/support your friends participating. It will be fun ! Promise !

    Singapore International Triathlon (25 July 2015)

    Port Dickson International Duathlon (2 August 2015)

    Ironman 70.3 Bintan (23 August 2015)

    113 Triathlon Bukit Merah (5-6 September 2015)

    Port Dickson International Triathlon (10-11 October 2015)

    Ironman Langkawi (14 November 2015)

    Powerman Philippines (14-15 November 2015)

  • Ramadan Kareem comes knocking again. Will we learn and wake up this time ?

    I’ve taken a look back at my previous years post and noticed that I do blog  a Ramadan Kareem post to welcome this most holy and much awaited month. You know, the regular crescent moon image with some beautiful calligraphy. The same thing I would do in other social media for that matter. To celebrate the arrival of Ramadan. Year in, and year out like how we celebrate our birthdays etc. But how is everything else different from year to year. It is just another year? Last year was 2014, this year…2015.. Are we really progressing, as we age and grow wiser, in the crucial areas in life which we really should, and as we move along  from Ramadan to another? Or are we just regressing ?

    A good friend of mine, sister Aliah shared a video today showing an Ustaz talking to a crowd, and I would like to share with you what the Ustaz said. Bear with me, as this is a reminder to myself, especially that I have been blessed to meet this Holy Month once again. .I, like many, take things in life for granted I forget that these are all rizq and tests from my Creator. It take some self-reflection and effort to realise that the clock really is ticking and I don’t know, Wallahi if I will be able to meet the next Ramadan again. And I would like to share the benefit which I gained after watching the video, with you by translating the speech to text so that it remains in this blog for good for the reading of my belover readers. InsyaAllah.

    To all my friends, Muslim and Non Muslims, whether I’ve met you in person or not, please forgive me for all my wrongs be it intentional or unintentional. I am human, I err– and I would like to continue by being a better person insyaAllah. I pray that we will all be better beings, body mind and soul–insyaAllah.


    The speech 

    Wallahi (by Allah) brothers, this position that we are in now, is something that most of us are not here for the firs time . Most of us have been here, we’ve came before,we buried our loved ones but you and I know very well , you know very well, that soon as we jump in our cars, we are going to forget completely about this grave, like ‘This is not for me’. If I ask any of you now brother, Can you die tonight?  Can we come back tonight and bury you? Everyone will say ‘La Ilaha Illallah’ (none has the right to be worshipped in truth except Allah) , of course, death can come anytime. I have no guarantee.

    But the problem we are all facing , every single one of us is facing, the biggest disease in our hearts, is that the truth, that we don’t say with our tongue, is that you and me are, for some weird reason,  confirmed that this will never happen, this will never happen . I’m going home now to my wife,  to my children, I have plans for tomorrow, I’ve already planned for Ramadan, I’ve planned for Eid, I’ve planned for Hajj, I’ve planned for next year,   I will see my kids grow up,I will  take them to uni, I will marry them off, I’ll see my grandkids. This is the biggest Shaytan destroying our deen.

    And Wallahi my brothers, Wallahi  in front of our eyes, every single day Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala (The Most Glorified, The Most High)  is showing us signs. Elders are passing away, teenagers are passing away –When are we going to wake up?  When are we going to realise, that Wallahi my brother, Wallahi there is no guarantee?

    Like the Shaikh said its the breath you take in, you inhale you never know will come out again. Wallahi my brothers, death is very very very close. And look my brothers, the shroud has no pockets . This is the end of everyone of us. No one takes his house with him, or his kids with him, or his wife with him, that’s it. That’s our property. That’s all you own in this world. A meter by 2 meters. That’s the end my brothers.

    What’s the purpose now?Explain to me now  you know how will our house benefit this person? How does a wife or a child, how do they  benefit ? Wallahi my brothers we will all face this. This day will come. We will  all face this and we will be put in your grave alone. Now everyone’s going to walk. You know. Even if we love him so much. The son is going to walk, the children are going to walk away. He’s alone now. What’s left with him ?

    The solat in the Masjeed he used to pray, the Tahajjud he used to wake up for, the Zikrullah, the Qur’an he used to read, the charity he gave for the sake of Allah. This is all your property.

    Please do not allow Shaytan, my brothers, to further trick you, to further fool you ‘That don’t worry, that’s fine’, ‘Don’t worry, you will become religious insyaAllah one day’, ‘Don’t worry, you know, there is still space for repentance’. Wallahi my brothers, wallahi we never know, you never know when your death is.

    Allah Subhanahu wa  Ta’ala,  from the day ,the age He came to blow the soul in your ruh, to blow the ruh in you, from that moment already that it has been decided exactly by the second when will you die.

    Maybe its next week. Maybe one of us here will not make Ramadan. Maybe you will make Ramadan. Maybe you will make Eid. Maybe you will make next year. We have so much work to do. There is so much improvement that we need.There is so much sickness,and  disease and haram in our life.

    If death, if a life example,  of a loved one dying in front of you, laying down with your own hands, you lay him down with your own hands in the grave –If  this doesn’t wake you up,   Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un ( “Surely we belong to Allah and to Him shall we return”) , nothing will wake us up.


    The AV-to-text script is based on ‘Reminder from the grave’ video from Talk Islam Facebook which missjewelz translated for the  benefit of all readers of this post (and herself).

    And oh yes, the Ramadan Kareem calligraphy :-


    Ramadan Kareem everybody ! Selamat Menunaikan Ibadah Ramadan. Let’s make a difference this year and istiqamah on it !

  • So you want to Tri ? Come and join the Triathlon Talk Series starting this week !

    There is something in us homo sapiens called curiosity. Out of this, new ideas and thoughts spark to life. Interest develops out of curiosity. You know, that eager in us wanting to know.


    *’Curiosity is also the name of NASA’s car-sized rover launched in 2011 for their Mar’s mission)’). Must be NASA’s best pick for the name !


    A Famosa Triathlon 2007 with Azwar and Saiful.

    This sports of triathlon did come to me accidentally but it was my curiosity which pushed me to register for my first triathlon. A few years down the road I was more than a novice (in my own definition) cruising my way smoothly thanks to the knowledge which I have gained from looking up the right resources, and talking/training with more experienced triathlete friends. I did not have a dedicated coach, but I had a few coach friends who imparted with utmost humility their knowledge, skills and expertise. I was very blessed. Some of the major lessons though were learned through experiencing triathlon itself.

    As a person who have had only a few active years in this beautiful sports, I have gained a lot of insights which had in a way improved my perspective of life especially going through the tri-ing years in different ‘uniforms’ ; as a student, blogger, triathlete, than a wife and now, a mother.  In the long run, I believe I have gained more benefits, thanks to the experiences, opportunities given by those who supported me and the lessons which I have earned  (yupp , the most critical of it all!). Prioritizing and identifying what’s really important to you in life is 1 of the most significant lesson which I have learned here.

    Triathlon Talk Series

    Anyway, for those who wants to know more of the sports, I am organising a triathlon talk series beginning this Saturday , 13th June 2015. It will be a 3 part-series talk designed to introduce the triathlon and bring awareness to the community of this beautiful sports. It will be an informal setting where I will be sharing knowledge and experience of this sports. To be fair and give a more than a sneak peak to you on what will be discussed, kindly check out the posters below :-

    KilauSuriaTriathlonTalkSeries- Promo poster

    Triathlon Talk Series Pt1Triathlon Talk Series Pt2

    Triathlon Talk Series Pt3


    Online registration at http://www.kilausuriasports.com and I highly encourage registration for all 3 series to get the full benefit of this event. Admission is free :) Do share, reblog, Tweet of this event, I would truly, truly appreciate it.  Drop me a comment or PM me should you have any queries on this event. Thank you, and thank you !


    Event info

    Registration link

    Kilau Suria Sports Facebook


    My deeepest sympathy to the loss of beloved souls in the earthquake which shook Ranau. missjewelz hope and pray that the families and friends of those lost in this tragedy will stay strong. RIP…..

    Burial of the late Robbi Sapinggi, a Kadazan-Dusun Malim Guning from Kg Kiau, Ranau, Sabah. He leaves behind a wife a a 6 month old son. Details for contribution and other info is available in 'Amazing Borneo' Facebook. Photo credit : Sharif Abdullah (Singapore Blade Runner) and Amazing Borneo

    Burial of the late Robbi Sapinggi, a Kadazan-Dusun Malim Guning from Kg Kiau, Ranau, Sabah. He leaves behind a wife and a 6 month old son. Details for contribution and other info is available in ‘Amazing Borneo’ Facebook. Photo credit : Sharif Abdullah (Singapore Blade Runner) and Amazing Borneo

  • Triathlon Talk Series 2015

    Dear TRIers,

    Kilau Suria Sports is organising its inaugural Triathlon Talk Series ! The 3 part talk  is designed to cater the needs of all beginner triathletes seeking for a right start to their new venture, triathlon !

    The talk will be presented by Nor Juliana Ali, a keen sportsperson, triathlete and Ironman Langkawi finisher. 40 free seats are up for grabs, and a special gift awaits those who signs up and attend all 3 series, which will be held on the following dates : 13, 28 June 2015 and 12 July 2015.

    Triathlon Talk Series Promo

    Triathlon Talk Series Registration

    Go to Event website

  • Salomon X-Scream 3D Launch

    Salomon is a brand sought after for those game in the sports of adventure, hiking and trail running. My first touch with the Salomon brand was quite recent.  I somehow knew Salomon (after all the buzz) is THE shoes in order to survive the 2 days ‘Sabah Adventure Challenge’ in 2011, and survived I did in Tambunan. The shoe made me feel I am in good hands (and a 4th placing for Women’s Category) after 70km ++ ordeal with nature ! I guess that was what Salomon was all about !

    Fast forward to 2015, I found myself present at the launch of the Salomon X-Scream 3D shoe launch. Could have sounded like those simulator rides you find at the theme parks ! Come, come let’s get you excited !

    The shoe

    Model: X-Scream 3D

    Type:City Trail

    The shoe is designed for adaptive fit, grip and responsive ride. Runner’s World reviewed it as a sturdy multitasker as it is designed for both city running on variety of surfaces (ie tarmac, gravel, pebble,grass etc) and easy trail.

    The big deal

    The 3D technology (Flex, Ride, Grip) : Provides durability and multi-surface grip, an aspect important when running on various surfaces around the city.The shoe provides enough cushioning for hard surfaces.

    Salomon’s Sensifit and Quicklace systems provides outstanding foothold and comfort.

    Contagrip outsole :  Ensure grip on hard or loose surfaces, and long wear on pavement

    This is only a short list of the technologies put in together in Salomon’s shoe design. What will matter most to runners is how the shoe will function and work for them.

    Another feature which attracted me is Salomon’s 3D Flex technology (Sensiflex fabric) which allows foot expansion and release pressure of the feet, especially for runners with wider feet.

    Its for you if you are :

    • Looking for a shoe which fits into both city running (read: diverse urban landscape) and light trail
    • Looking for that perfect neutral shoes for everyday running and routine
    • Looking for durability (the shoe doesn’t wear out so easily) and just enough cushioning for longer runs

    Not exactly for you if you are:

    • In need of extra support and more cushioning ie due to your weight
    • Thinking of shoes which you can take for extreme trails or hiking


    Weight: 10.7 oz.
    Profile (Heel): 33.7 mm
    Profile (Forefoot): 21.4 mm
    Drop from heel to forefoot: 12.3 mm
    Price: RM489

    The X Scream 3D is available in 5 colours.

    About Salomon

    The brand was born in the French alps in 1947. Salomon’s passion for mountain sport progression, product development, quality and craftsmanship drives Salomon to create progressive gears to enable freedom and help runners challenge themselves in the mountains.

    For more info on Salomon and Salomon products, please log on to their official website here

    Dealer locator (Malaysia) : Click here

    Around the launch


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