• Exercise for a healthy heart ! Set your goals clearer.

    The Malaysian scenario: How many times have you came across family members, friends or colleagues who workout to shred off pounds? To make that skinny jeans fit again? Wedding prep? or because of your GP constantly bugging you that your health report is showing no improvement from the last one.. (think..).


    Photo credit: Washington Post


    Many of us can relate exercising or dieting for that matter as a way to lose weight . Case in question: ‘Do we exercise to get a strong healthy heart?’. I want a healthy heart therefore I exercise ! We are engaged to what we are doing based on recommendations and results. And sadly sometimes, on fad. Anarchy workout, Spartan workout, this diet and that diet. But what is really the long term goal for all these? Which is more important, the 6 pack or the healthy heart? Where do we put our priorities? On the visible flat tummy or the invisible unseen heart who does (really) all the hard work. Take out your Androids or iPhones and multiply your age by 35million. That will be the total human heart beats you have had since the day your mama gave birth to you. All that hard work at no cost. Wow, I am amazed and grateful. Love your heart .Pay more attention to it.


    If you were to set goals, think having a healthy heart as your end goal. No matter what happens that will, be your end goal. Break it further to shorter goals which you can do. It has to be specific, measurable, habitual and sustainable ! Sounds complicated? Check out some suggestions below :-

    • If you need to lose weight, set a goal (ie. how many kilos). Get your GP’s okay and recommendations if its a significant amount of weight which you need to lose. Break it down to mini goals (ie. how many kilos to lose per month/week). If unsure, give it a go for a month or week of exercising regularly and eating healthier. See what’s realistic for you

    Photo credit: austinentmd.com


    • Need to fit back in that jeans or skirt? This one is hard to cheat and is a good indicator how far you are from your ideal weight back then. Its a good motivator for you to keep going that’s what  am saying

    Photo credit: healthyliving.azcetral.com


    • Does your work, family and schedule inhibiting you from your hearty heart goal? Plan, plan, plan. Can’t stress on this more. Plan and ORGANISE your time. Be sure to block out time on your planner. Write it down, stick to it. Your workout does not have to be LOOONGGG. It just needs to be effective.

    Image credit: courtneysaenz.blogspot.com


    • Plan your meals. Yeapp. The worst thing you want to do is to reach for your phone to dial for a pizza or McDonald’s. I find this so true in my case…! You’ll certainly lower the habit of overeating, and eating healthier choices !

    Image credit: amazonaws.com


    • Tech crazy/opportunist : anything beneath the Nimbus clouds which you can download on your phone to record, track and log, get them! Yes, your meals, your exercise and they even have apps which allows you to create or join groups with other people using the app. Make it fun. Its OK to post your workout on your social media, especially if it serves as a motivation FOR YOU ! And of course, doing the same to others along the way.  Some apps which I personally use and is happy with :- Noom, MapMyRun

    Photo credit: itunes.apple.com


    • Get yourself checked annually and you will be surprised with the result. Be patient. You may have lost weight and can fit back into that jeans. See your cardiovascular report and hear what your doctor has to say or recommend. Well I hope the doctors gives you a pat on the back for the effort, and come back next time with consistent if not improving results. Your doctor will also advise you specific exercises which you can do if you do have heart/heart related problems. Try to shy away on the fads, first.


    Image credit : McKayPharmacy.com


    I am currently trying to shred another 5kg. I have lost 2 kilos in the last 1 month plus. Loosely said, trying to be fitter and eat healthier. No special program at the moment, but will keep on working out regularly and eating healthier (in a general sense) and have most things recorded in Noom and MapMyRun. So far the weighing scale and waistline has shown improvement. The last I checked my heart is OK. Can’t wait till my next health screening !

    Share your story here if you would like to motivate others on your current journey or success stories !

    p.s. had the pleasure of checking out some the annual reports coming from the Health Ministry (published on their official website). What I can gather from the report and news on the ‘health status’ of Malaysians is, YES our life span is increasing due to our diet and socioeconomic level.  And so is lifestyle related diseases ! Take your health matters into your own hands and be serious about it. If you can engage others to join you in inculcating a holistic healthy lifestyle, be that game changer today!


    For your reading pleasure : How much exercise does your heart need? Most of us aren’t getting enough

    Gracias, missjewelz.


  • Warehouse Sale in Bangunan Bakti Siti Hasmah, Taman Tun Dr Ismail (TTDI)

    Heyya everybody ! If you are around KL and Selangor area, head on to the on-going warehouse sale in Bangunan Bakti Siti Hasmah.

    Living Palette Sdn Bhd brings to you a variety selection of dinner ware, cook ware, drink ware, bake ware, serve ware, storage (think air tight containers) and cookie jars. And if this is not enough, they are also selling high quality imported sports water bottle ! They even have a range for children as well.

    The brands that Living Palette are showcasing and more importantly clearing include : –

    • France ‘Luminarc’ (previously known as Arcopal)
    • Arcuisine, also a France product
    • Sigg ( product of Switzerland) <–  yes that expensive but hi-quality bottle you’ve seen at the department stores or probably own!

    Slashed price up to 60% is your bargain for these goods. Value for the pocket and certainly your satisfaction. Some photos from the sale below :-

    This slideshow requires JavaScript.





    So head on to Bangunan Siti Hasmah TODAY ! This warehouse sale opens from 9am to 7pm from Friday, 29th January 2016 (which is today) to Sunday,  31st January 2016. There are plastic bucket trolleys available for your convenience. Do park nearer to the building entrance if you plan to buy heavier items (parking is free). They accept both cards and cash.

    Address for the warehouse sale below :-

    Ground Floor,

    Bangunan Bakti Siti Hasmah, 

    6, Jalan Abang Haji Openg, Tun AbangHaji Openg was the first Yang Di-Pertuan

    Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Kuala Lumpur


    Some Friday trivia for you :-

    (Tun) Siti Hasmah is Malaysia’s former premiere Tun Dr Mahathir’s wife

    (Tun) AbangHaji Openg was the first Yang Di-Pertua Negeri Sarawak ‘ (Governor of Sarawak) upon’s Sarawak independence from British.

    Tun Dr Ismail Abdul Rahman was the Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia to then Prime Minister Tun Abdul Razak. This Australian educated politician was also Malaysia’s first ambassador to The States







  • Styling it Sporty Chic with Reebok !

    If there is one thing which keeps a lady motivated, it surely will be keeping that fit and healthy look ON all year, year after year. You don’t have to be at the gym to be rocking your sporty side as you can still rock that sporty look anywhere (think work, errands, your favourite TV couch while snacking Doritos!).

    For all you ladies out there, if 2016 is the year where you want to be a fitter person and whatever goals and target you have set, one thing for sure is…do it in true style. And on top of that, do it smartly to avoid any uninvited injuries!

    I’ve plenty sporty apparels in my wardrobe (not limited to the numerous finisher tees and vests). I can say I am a proud owner of my collection! If you can recall this brand ‘Reebok’ which is classically famous for their ‘Reebok Pump’ shoes (think Shaquille O’Neal) and ‘Reebok Freestyle’ it will surely bring back those memories of envying classmates having those shoes on in school!  Obviously, there is more to this label than these signature sneaks and pumps. Look close enough the brand has more to it that million dollar deals sponsoring NBA athletes and  other international sports icon.

    If you’re game on for 2016, lets take a look at how You can step into this Year of Monkey in style to keep you motivated (whether or not you have already been hitting the gym or tracks –> will keep that for my next post !) :-


    1.The Sporty Chic 



    Remember you can be a Kerr in your own way! Photo credit: dailymail.co.uk

    This is the most common ensemble a woman can think when it comes to sports shoes or sneakers. Look stylish while working out at the gym or running for a jog around the park with this outfit. The workout outfit is the easiest idea you can think of but you can always flaunt this sporty chic look during the weekends as well. Run errands wearing this fashion sports look and feel comfortable all day. Not only shoes, Reebok sportswear are trendy to match together with the shoes. Have a full complete Reebok look from head-to-toe.


    2.The Lazy Casual 



    Surely not lost in translation with everybody’s favourite girl Scarlett ! Photo courtesy: pointblack.co.uk


    Switch those flats or flip flops for a trendy looking footwear as Reebok shoes collection. Pick your favourite Reebok shoe design a match it with any casual attires you have on. The Reebok sneakers will definitely give you that boyish appearance while maintaining your girlish charm. Step out into the streets(OR in!) in Reebok shoes for women and feel comfortable all day.




    Keys to unlock the agile and sophisticated in you ! Photo credit : Kathryn Freund on Pinterest


    miranda kerr in white blazer purple print sports bra purple pink print leggings black sneakers reebok event tokyo april 15 2015 what she wore sport fashion

    Styling in Kerr-way ! Photo credit: Wantherstyle.blogspot.my


    Who says you can only appear sophisticated with high heels? Women can rock any shoe in style even wearing a pair of Reeboks sneakers. Although you are wearing a formal wear or a dress, pull together the best fashion OOTD and feel confident walking in Reeboks anywhere you go. Play it creatively right and pull of the best edgy sophisticated style ever


    Check out the following link for more Reebok Lookbook Ideas !


    missjewelz dons a Reebok hooded vest





  • What The F….ilter?!

    If you have given yourself the honour of replacing the water filter cartridge in your kitchen without having to call the service guy, you would understand how this routine opens up your eyes and mind on the quality of water which comes out from the kitchen tap. Switch this to the AC (air conditioning) unit in your home, the task gets more rigorous and be prepared to get ‘blown away’ by the ‘things’ which you discover while cleaning your AC filters.

    Unless you can afford to call the contractors or the professionals to come and clean the filter every now and then, you better get your hands on ensuring your AC is running on clean filters. If you have not, THIS is the starting point! Having dirty filters can jam up your AC unit, affect the quality of air which you breath (every day/night) and on the long run.. visible spikes in your utilities bill.

    I never thought of cleaning my own AC filter until…yesterday. Perhaps I am so used to think that the AC is a no-go zone reserved for the AC guy (think the pest control. You’d rather leave it to the professionals!). But it was an impromptu (almost inquisitive) attempt to check out the filter. How hard could it be?.. I thought as I tried figuring out how to get the unit cover to open.


    See if my little adventure below makes sense on why we should start considering cleaning those filters !


    STEP 1

    If you have a manual of your AC, READ IT.

    If you’re living in a rented or bought unit chances are the manual not be available. That shouldn’t stop you figuring out how to clean your filters ! Else try looking for the manual online.


    STEP 2

    Get a ladder (unless you’re an NBA player!).


    STEP 3

    Open the covering panel of the AC. A 7 year kid can figure this out and I believe you can too even without a manual


    Step 4

    Use your eyes. You can’t miss the set of filters in front of you. Remember there are many types of filters. The regular AC would have filters looking like the sample below :-



    The AC filter (Photo credit : bigfanair.com.au)


    Step 5

    Run tap water through the filter to remove dust and dirt. [Use the shower head for more efficiency!].  I used a small brush to make the cleaning process water but had to be careful not to cause and tear in the filter mesh.

    note: if you think you can’t handle the dust,wear a mask !


    Step 6

    Air dry the filter and replace them back in the AC unit.


    Step 7

    Bear in mind that this is only 1 part of the process of ‘servicing’ your own AC. There are other compartments and parts of the AC which you can easily clean on your own.







    Cleaned filter and the yield in soot black!




    What a BEFORE and AFTER looks like !




    Nope this is not hole in one in grey !


    Hope this basic post on cleaning AC filter helps ! Included some useful links below for more info on AC servicing:-

    Unfiltered Look at A/C Filters

    The Truth About Filters

    Mitsubishi Electric-Cleaning Your Air Conditioning Unit in 15 minutes (video)

    AC Trivia

    The modern day electrical air conditioning unit was invented by Willis Carrier in 1902. It was invented and designed to improve the manufacturing process control in a printing plant.

  • Action Speaks Louder Than Words

    So I guess that is why I am only able to write something now :


    Too many excuses to not be blogging like a weekly or daily blogger as I have been pre-occupied with many recent life events. Let’s see how I can keep up in 2016. I hope to improve of course!


    Baby Aminah

    So I gave birth to my second daughter 4 months ago (pumpkin pie is 4 months today! (30 Dec 2015). Alhamdulillah, I am Blessed again. Been hectic in the weeks into the EDD (estimated due date), during confinement (‘pantang’ in Malay) and obviously once I returned to work. Has not stopped and I guess my philosophy of ‘keep on going’ seems to work so far. Easy and straightforward on an endurance race course but needs a little (or extra) dash of faith and perseverance in the real life setting.



    How do I sum up 2015?




    You realise you’re tied to responsibilities and commitments not confined to work. There’s so much of you within that much of time and when you’re caught in that mouse wheel, it keeps going on and on. Question is, when do you stop?


    You aspire to do the things you would like to see yourself achieving and you know it takes a lot of patience and years before you see the outcome. Like the famed Silk Road, its not always straight. And we certainly know its not all on land. The rough sea waters come into play. There are sea ports, cities where you restock and resupply. Rest and re-energize. Knowing when to slow down. Knowing when to pick yourself up when you fall.




    Make a difference. Life should be fun!

    Year on year, ideally we should be learning from the past, our silly mistakes. Work out a plan on how to improve. Especially if you are a family person, its key that a proper plan is drawn. Share it with those in concern. Better still have a family meeting/discussion of any household issues. Make life fun and memorable and do away with the same ole. Explore, travel, learn new things, have new hobbies.



    Amy oh Amy…

    I was just catching up with an old friend (we’ve known each other since 1989!) earlier today. She happened to share the same birthday as I. Currently based in Houston she was telling me how life was different when she was working in Perth (think sea shells by the sea shore) 2 years ago, and now in the bustling business centre in Houston. A world difference. But by her story, she is surviving it as its only a matter of adaptability. By the way, she  told me that people in Houston don’t walk on the streets. They either take the sky bridges connecting buildings or the subways. Hmm..intesresting.


    Kids Then VS Kids Now

    And like how old friends cling to past memories of childhood and school days, we were comparing our childhood then to the children of this age. A millenial difference and army of obstacles faced by parents who are raising children (school going or not) in this age. My advice would be, seek for knowledge. Open up our mind to read up those articles printed on raising kids in this toxicity. What you should be doing and what you should avoid. There is no guarantee that childhood you had back in the 1970s or 1980s will be the same as now. I doubt it will be the same. They don’t have hand held games like Tetris or Garlfield! Or having to WRITE assignments. Oohh I had FUN during my childhood…


    I truly enjoyed my childhood I truly did. I enjoyed it. No Facebook back then. Liberating. Library was the place to go, and collecting post cards was a pride. My wish is that my children will grow up appreciating their time with their family members (and books, and the short trips) rather than gadgets. It makes sense. You are easily swept away looking at the screen of your machine instead the faces around you.


    A sweet note to my friends


    To my friends or anybody who is reading this who had major life event, be it happy or sad, always be grateful with what you have and cherish your loved ones like they will leave you tomorrow. Return ‘good’ with ‘better, and return ‘bad’ with ‘better’ or ‘best’. Its a recurring plague once you think  you deserve to return evil with evil. Just sad and sometimes childish. Forget what people say or think unless they are  your employers, or your loved ones which at times their points may be valid. Can be bitter but this is the experience which will help you in  your short life.


    2015 is drawing to a close.. immediate target for 2016…


    1. …..
    2. ……..
    3. …………


    I have passed that stage sharing lists and resolutions every new year though its a nice-to-have. Its a moving target whatever I need to achieve. But immediately, I would love to get my FITness back. I also need extra help with the house so that I can concentrate my mind and energy to my children, husband..A couple of projects in 2016 too.


    To husbands, and to wives..

    Please appreciate your other half. You don’t know how hard they try to be the best for you. Awake in the wee hours clearing the kitchen, doing that second set of laundry, and rearranging the mess the household left overnight, planning for days and months ahead, taking YOU to the hospital when  you are ill. Learn the art of Give and take. Bow your ego down. In an argument nobody wins. The marriage loses.

    Show respect. Know that respect comes from trust. Give that trust and build confidence that you are the man or woman for your much beloved. Put rights and responsibilities at where they should be, and your life will be hassle free.


    To children of all ages,

    Please spend more time with your parents and family members.


    Triathletes and runners,

    Please look out for the 2016 racing calendar as next year will be an exciting year for everybody. There will be back to back events locally and internationally, hard to resist and worth giving it a go if you have not had your hands on any of it.

    Here are a few websites you can start looking if you are already planning :- 1) http://www.pacesetters.com.my 2) http://www.triathlonmalaysia.com and 3)my race online (google this one). Train smart and have lots of fun on the race course. I hope to catch up with you guys once i regain my fitness level back insyaAllah. For now still 5kg overload..!


    Cheers folks and assalamualaikum folks,


    31 Dec 2015












  • ReLive Those Memories- ‘Un’breathe social media

    You know how we like to ‘re-live’ our past and fondest memories? You notice those posts and articles on Facebook on the best things list growing up in the 70s, 80s and 90s for example? Or any ‘Down Memory Lane’ groups for that matter.Whichever decade it is, I am sure there is a piece of something from the past which we kinda love to see again , directly and indirectly– whether by ourselves or as a trend in the community we live in. Imagine your favourite cartoon being made into a movie, or your favourite band from 20-30 years ago coming to town to perform. Or your favourite UB40 /Bob Marley song suddenly being played in some loud speaker– makes you wanna jump to the beat !

    I would love to relive even for an interim those days Before the birth of  Friendster, MySpace,Facebook AND Whatsapp. I will still consider Hotmail and Yahoo though. Things were running at a slower pace and yet good news were still out for genuine reasons to people who really matters. ‘Because it took more time and effort’ obviously was not just the  reason. It was the sincerity overriding everything. To those who lived through period of snail mail, you get what I mean. In a more Malaysian geared context, those days where listing all the names and addresses for your Raya,CNY,Deepavali and Christmas cards, buying stamps and proudly marching to the post office/mail box to drop them off. Hahaa… The whole experience itself is exciting. Bonus when you get an exchange. Haha…!

    Well, I am on a small social experiment here (for myself lah) — I have a big news sitting to be shared with my friends. Took the first step by not posting it on FB/Instagram. And secondly, avoid making it viral on Whatsapp (family group aside). Thirdly, only SMS ing friends and colleagues who matters to me :) I’m happy it worked so far and I don’t feel belittled at all for not ‘Posting’ it. 20 years ago it would be something too special to be ‘snail mailing’ it too just any random friends. You get me right?

    I love pieces of my past, and personal touch is simply one of them. If I could personalise my SMS messages I would but this time around I still had to pick from my contact list and bundle SMS them. The recipients don’t have to feel obliged to reply to them since I can’t see that 2 double tick in blue (a Whatsapp feature which indicates if recipients have read the incoming message), nor are they spamming any Whatsapp group/chats with replies after replies. I was recently put off by waking up to 780++ whatsapp messages in a group somebody from my former school added me. I didn’t leave the group but was scrambling to find how can I clear all those irrelevant messages without having to click and select each of them to delete. Good thing is I just discovered how to clear messages in group chats. Wwooohooo… Sorry still ‘Buta IT’ a bit…hehe.<– not an IT savvy.

    Anyway, I think my experiment worked and proved successful :) Thank you everybody who replied ! Hehe..

    So what's the good news??.waitttt for it……I will snail mail once I have the time to. Haahaha… We live by the moment but we don't want those moments to fly past very fast. To all my Malaysian friends, Happy Merdeka !!!!

    Just me,


    Continue reading

  • Another year !

    Every birth date marks another progress in one’s life, and I can’t deny the reality of it. Every coming of it marks a milestone, and looking back how far I’ve come since milestone #1 (or any figure for that matter). With age, should come responsibility. Responsibility keeps me ‘grounded’, and faith keeps me rooted as I continue to  maneuver and explore the endless possibilities, opportunities, conquering the peaks and braving the trenches.

    People and the souls that I truly love and matter keep me in check with reality, and life relevant and meaningful. Life is unlivable alone, ever, yet we are generally reminded that in the end, the resting place is where we will be evaluated, and judged alone, and nothing, nothing from this world goes with us to this milestone except for our 1) charity 2) ilm’/knowledge which have been share and benefited 3)prayers of righteous child(ren).

    Birth date marks zestful life, health, ability etc, and by wisdom and reality, it should also be reminding me what I am really in for. My gratitude and heartfelt appreciation for all the kind gestures, words and greetings which I received today, and please continue to pray that all will go well with me, my family and the remaining weeks of my second pregnancy. Your prayers are mostly appreciated and don’t worry about dropping me a birthday gift, as the only gift that would really matter is your honest prayer for your sister here ! :)

    For the fun of it, I did enjoy being a tad younger, celebrating life and the endless list of adventures I was up to, and looking back, I had more than I could have asked for– some served as reminders, some served as a precaution for me to be more careful with whatever I feel, think, say or do. And now being a mother, it is one of the best experience and turning point which have occurred to me. Still, the journey of becoming a better Muslimah in the eyes of Allah Almighty continues and I hope all of you reading this milestone entry of mine can appreciate the message which I am imparting here. This is not another race report, just a review of my life report as I am evaluating it thus far.

    I have a couple of years more to go before I hit the IV series, and I will make sure every year will be more exciting for myself at least ! What’s next? We’ll see, and I hope you folks out there will make sure life is definitely a roller coaster where the adventure never end. Please forgive me for all my wrongs intentionally or unintentionally. I pray the best for all of you whether we’ve met or not. :)

    In my element

    In my element


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