• What’s Your Problem, Tony?

    Blog review by missjewelz : Part 1 -matrodi.my

    What’s Your Problem, Tony?

    I ‘Press’ed the article above from matrodi.my. I have not heard of the blogger before. Saw his article link earlier today and went on to read the article. The title is relevantly catchy to attract curious heads like me.

    The blogger seems very resourceful with information and data which the media reporters would have captured from PCs or any other news archive. Well composed the story plot is well strung together leading the reader from para to para. Table and pictures were used in fair amount, nothing to overwhelming.

    I always believe that there will always be two sides of the story. But an article may not(always) handle both — can be ‘too much’. Hence the need to read and discover more from other sources. I applaud the quality of writing from matrodi. Just perhaps for the blogger to add some resource link from which he quoted and cited his data from.


    About me : missjewelz is a blogger and have been scribbling her thoughts and and passion for a little over 10 years. She writes mostly on her love for sports with the intent of encouraging the masses to take on a healthier lifestyle. Her topic ranges more than just adrenaline related topics. Some personally whacky stories and some sharing of her favourite songs/lyrics. A big UB40 fan who nods her head through reggae beats and appreciates true golden oldies (The Platters, Beatles etc). Writing is an outlet which many writers and bloggers alike have discovered. missjewelz is one of them and will continue to write for common benefit and personal satisfaction.

  • Fadil and Julia – Latest pics from Columbia Hospital

    Visited the couple 2 night ago.Both are in great spirit that the accident didn’t go any worse than it did last weekend. Julia had to endure 2 1/2 hours of surgery to insert the rod into her right lower leg.Both the couple will have to get lots of rest and undergo physio to rehabilitate. Please pray for their speedy recovery ! Thanks !

    Click on pic to start slide show.

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  • Fadil and Julia in Columbia Hospital

    April 7, 2014

    Kuala Lumpur : Received info from Upiq Khan yesterday that triathlon and cycling power couple Fadil Shukor and Julia Hasnan were involved in a road accident yesterday (April 6,2014) in Negeri Sembilan. The couple were riding on a motor bike when they were hit from behind by a car.  The couple are now warded in Columbia Hospital, Negeri Sembilan. Thanks to friends (Esmen, Fadhli Khairon (Lee), Upiq and Abdulhadi Wahid, I managed to get and share some updates since last night. It was also made known that Fadil Shukor has registered for the 70.3 Ironman event in Putrajaya, Malaysia this weekend.

    Julia suffers a broken leg, and Fadil has fractured ribs due to the impact of the collision. According to Esmen, the Fadil was actually pinned down on the road with the motorbike on him. Facial injuries are eminent. Let’s pray this beautiful couple a speedy recovery.

    The writer called Columbia Hospital this morning to check on the couple’s ward number and condition. Please always be safe on the road. Do not take your loved ones for granted as they are precious gifts from God.


    Latest info will be updated here.



  • MH370: Part 5

    One part of the story

    It’s like a school without a principal. No headmaster to blow the whistle or raise his hand to signal silence, and observance. The prefects are not so reliable either, and they too are subject to joining their peers in making noise as they please in the absence of the ‘big boss’. Imagine a circus without a ring master. I bet everybody will be running in different directions to take cover from the roaring lions and sleek puma who can pounce on anybody anytime. That is one part of the story.


    The invisible men

    Higher up (let’s make this more dramatic),somewhere unseen, a theatre packed with audience are sitting on their comfortable seats enjoying the show and ‘spectacular’ performance by these innocent ‘performers’. Watching this school and this circus turning chaos feeds and excites this group of spectators. They are watching what they want to watch, and believe to what they seem as a best-fit scenario for anything or anybody who are in their way.


    The punching bag

    Referring to the recent development happening in my beloved country, I can pull that this punching bag (and chaos) is happening at each level of the strata. Not just on my own homeland but more extensively those places away from my country. Each person somehow would love a piece of this chaos. You know, like a memorabilia.  Be it for the good, or bad, or anything to satisfy their thirst for attention, their desire to see others fall not realising they are just rotting within.

    If you are following me, please continue reading. It will be my honor. I am writing from my heart hence the flow of words off finger tips at the moment. Else, click back and catch up on my previous posts.

    The innocent masses and bystanders take the internet and social media by storm– sometimes turning themselves into potential victims. Friends become foes just because of what is deemed as a ‘stupid’ insensitive comment. Person A says something, and the rest disagree. Bashing happens until both parties are satisfied. Else, the row continues on. No ending, and obviously no ‘contribution’ to the whole situation. Its bashing of thoughts. You can have a million of ideas but choose to keep silent. You may have just 1 idea and yet the guts to share, unaware of the responds waiting to come back at you. 


    Out of context Out of Proportion

    You may say a liner, but everybody else with varied interpretation styles will translate the meaning differently. Which background or ‘reporting’ culture you come from influences the end result of your reporting. From what you heard to what you want people to know. The most obvious example is obviously the role media (journalists/reporters etc) has played the whole (almost to) 3 weeks since the first news came on March 8,2014. Enhanced by the accessibility to social media, things are just like a hurricane waiting to burst. It goes on and on almost in a similar pattern. Person A says A, message which comes out is B..wowww.. Twist it and turn it baby.

    Its easier to get distracted with noise and chaos, then to really really ‘focus’ on something in this kind of situation. And yeap, all of us play guilty here, and not just those reporters and broadcasting channel who keeps on painting a negative or false picture of the whole seen.(lets give the reporters credit here..not all are bias..and still embrace the good values and ethics a reporter should have).  What looks like a circus ring master slaying a well-trained lion may actually just be him whipping the lion. Or even patting the loyal lion. Whatever experienced by those present at the ring may well be unlike any of those experienced by the ‘invisible men’ i mentioned sitting in the theatre.


    Pick up your stand point and see if you are the

    - spectator behind a false screen in that theatre or,

    - the ticket attendant at the theatre’s entrance or,

    -the ring master or,

    - the lion or,

    - the circus spectators or,

    - the director directing the whole scene


    Based on any choice you make above, what could have you done to protect the lion from being slain..? What could have you done to tell the circus spectators not to panic as it will just freak the lion out? What could have you done to control the lion from raging it up? and What could have you possibly done to realise that this is just a bad dream played up by a terrible director/puppeteer?  This distorted illusion forming in front of you, is it true, or is your eyes playing tricks on you? Again.



    20140326, Kuala Lumpur.

  • I am her world

    A reminder to self and all parents (working or stay home). Illustration source : someecards.com

    A reminder to self and all parents (working or stay home). Illustration source : someecards.com

    Lil munchaquila is growing up fast. Smarter, bigger and heavier. Keeping up with her latest ‘discoveries’ and ‘explorations’ is a thrill. Being able to feed her emotionally is also important in proving to her that I am her world, and not just her being my world. We’re busy and unsettled after work, upon reaching home trying to clear the chores forgetting that we have a child (or more) who yearns our attention too. To continue doing the dishes, or pick the little one.. She had a full day spent at playshool/nursery — and go-home time means ‘yeah i can play with mummy/daddy time’ only to get a cold shoulder from her mom/dad who expects a 1-2 year old to ‘know’ and ‘understand’ that mummy/daddy needs to wash the dishes– as completing chores after a whole day at work is more important than sitting down or playing with the kid. Emotionally the little one has been let down. Let this carry on for a day or two, than weeks, months and years.. I can’t let this happen, and I have to keep reminding myself this; I work to live, not live to work.

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    Munchkin meets the mini-stars at Hollywood Walk of Fame last month

    Munchkin meets mini-stars at Hollywood Walk of Fame last month

    Post supporting the runners at the recent Titi 100km.

    Post supporting the runners at the recent Titi 100km.


  • MH370 : Part 3

    I am anxiously waiting for the next PC on MH370. Its been a week since this nightmare began for those on board the plane,  their family members, and the rest of the world following this particular headlines. Conspiracy theories and speculations aside, I trust that the PCs held are sharing the truth, and only the truth, on relevant and latest information on what the investigating team what they’ve found, and what still remains unanswered.

    It is a bad dream..come to think of those on board the plane, crew and passengers.. Whatever happened in the flight deck will sooner or later be known..I just hope no false hope are given to the family members too early. I can’t imagine the numbness, anger, anguish and trauma that everybody affected is going through. It is easier said than being in their position of having to go through all this. Everybody wants a piece of this story.

    For now, I shan’t say much. I am only praying hard that the next PC at Sama-sama hotel will not give false hope to anybody after what has been mentioned in the earlier PC by the Prime Minister. The truth sweet or bitter have to be let known eventually.


    still hoping,


    March 16,2014

    Kuala Lumpur.


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  • MH370 : Part 2

    If there is one thing that we should’t give up, it is our silent prayers and hope that all those on board MH370, cabin crew and passengers are safe, and will eventually return home insyaAllah. This is not just a national situation that Malaysians are facing, but globally it is involving other nations as well.

    Its close to 6 days since MH370 was reported losing contact with the air traffic control. Let us all persevere and trust that i) the search and rescue will continue to give it their best in locating the aircraft ii) the family members of the missing passengers/cabin crew, remain strong and hopeful, with the support of their relatives, and friends. iii) this  bad dream will end and that all those involved will have a happy ending, God wills.

    I won’t bother to say much of the on going SAR (search and rescue) which is managed and led by the Malaysian authorities/government. Let them do their work, with the kind international aid from our neighbouring countries, and even afar – United States among them. This is a difficult time for everybody — those directly/indirectly involved. You can’t imagine putting your feet in the shoes of the passengers’ family members right now.. It’s difficult, and at the same time, easy for the mouth to say keep our hope and faith strong. I have 2 friends who have family members on board. An ex-schoolmate who just celebrated his first year anniversary has his wife on the flight, while another friend’s uncle is actually one of the crew members.

    Life is going on as usual for the rest of us, and that is the way we should be. We are equally privileged to be given the time and chance to breath and walk the earth some more, to be with our loved ones, to be a good and better human, loving and caring towards each other. If events like the MH370 doesn’t teach us that every single second of our life, now, is precious, and that we’re suppose to show mercy and love towards all being, its time for a sanity check. We most probably have been living a life taken granted for, either to cosy or most times just insecure.


    All this circus and unwise rumours and unverified news surrounding the mystery of this missing aircraft , I am not buying any of them– simply out of respect to my friends Nizam and Fara who are at the current moment (along with their close family members) facing one of the, I assume, the biggest tests of their lives.. that thought of losing a loved one. I have deleted 2 persons off my social networking site thanks to their eagerness trying to become a reporter. I trust that the authorities are doing their best, and that MAS are keeping the updates and news pretty transparent on their dark site (click here).


    Apart from the dark site, I don’t think there are any other official websites/pages available – at least for the SAR operations.


    Lets continue to hope and pray. Aviation experts who have been appearing on national TV since last Sunday, please join the SAR team ! I think that’s just the simplest way to put it. For the rest of us, who may have our own theories, conspiracies or not..I would like to stress this.. ‘Please keep on praying for the safety of those on board’ , and stop being a reporter on your Facebook/Twitter/blog etc. It hurts me as I do have friends directly involved in the missing #mh370. Life goes on. So make it a worthier one for you and your loved ones. Stop making ourselves look stupid, whether in the eyes of our friends, or the world for that matter. STOP sharing links on news which are unverified of the missing plane. NOT Cool.


    Teruskan berdoa dan memohon pada Ilahi semoga semua anak kapal dan penumpang #mh370 selamat dan dapat kembali dengan selamat… Amin..


    Do not give up hope !




    Gossipers have no place in paradise ( a reminder to self). Check out Mufti Menk’s lecture on ‘Gossip’. Feel free to watch.  :-


  • MH370

    My thoughts and prayers go to all those on board Malaysia Airlines MH370, their family members, and those involved directly or indirectly. Like most of us here in Malaysia, the news obviously was a shock to all of us. Imagine being in the place of the passengers’ family members. I just learned after watching the evening news today that an ex-schoolmate’s wife was on board the ill-fated plane. My schoolmate, Nizam married Dina last year and should have I believe, recently celebrated their first anniversary.


    Nizam and his beautiful wife Dina at their wedding reception last year. (photo from dsuarang.blogspot.com)


    I was hoping that the screen capture which a friend forwarded me this morning was just another spam.. but I was wrong. Heard over the radio on my way for a lunch meet with my sporting buddy Aliah this afternoon, ..the confirmation of the missing flight.. I was literally stabbed in the heart.. there are 239 odd lives gone in a blink of the radar..

    To the rest of us who are still alive, please keep yourself updated from the official sources and start behaving like responsible human and netizens by stop spreading false rumours, or unverified information. Like a friend said on Facebook, until the black box is found, no speculation can be 100% true, and for that incident report to be released will take another year or more, per mentioned by a Captain Nik in an interview on NTV7 tonight.

    Love your mothers, fathers, spouse, children while they are still around..while you are still alive. We don’t know when’s out turn.. For now, please allow the search team to do their work.

    Please keep the prayers coming, and lets hope for a miracle to happen.

    devastated but still very hopeful;



    Malaysia Airlines official press statement

    Passenger manifest



    Image from ping.busuk.org


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