• Of balls and oars

    Of balls and oars

    While we feel like all the balls are hurling speedily  towards us in the tennis court, we fail to see how unpreparedness and ignorance have left us arrogant more than humility in acknowledging that the slip could have been avoided by staying away from the court at the first place.

    While we’re perhaps good at convincing the referee of why the point should have been given to us, and why the rest of the court should be on our side, we fail to see how we ourselves have erred and continue to err.

    Time for reality check eh?

    Life is too short and precious to just and only be manoeuvring through repeated scenes of the above. For all we know that basic oar of honesty is lost in our lust in going up the stream of dreams. What is left is a floating boat which is at the mercy of the wind to blow its sail up north and the raging water forcing it towards the rough and uncertain sea of wrath down south.

    Life is a series of calculated risks and errors which we learn from in making that step forward.

    Faith or Iman is that compass which ensures we’re correctly guided at all time. Lets not loose that compass nor toss it aboard. Use it and pedal on.


    Photo credit: boatsandrice.com

    20th May 2015

  • Happy Teachers Day to all my lovely teachers !

    A Teacher for All Seasons

    A teacher is like Spring,
    Who nurtures new green sprouts,
    Encourages and leads them,
    Whenever they have doubts.

    A teacher is like Summer,
    Whose sunny temperament
    Makes studying a pleasure,
    Preventing discontent.

    A teacher is like Fall,
    With methods crisp and clear,
    Lessons of bright colors
    And a happy atmosphere.

    A teacher is like Winter,
    While it’s snowing hard outside,
    Keeping students comfortable,
    As a warm and helpful guide.

    Teacher, you do all these things,
    With a pleasant attitude;
    You’re a teacher for all seasons,
    And you have my gratitude!

    By Joanna Fuchs

    Slice of definition

    How I wish words could stream out of my finger tips just like how it looks so easy and natural for the author of the beautiful poem on teachers’ appreciation above.  Teachers are not limited to just teachers in school, though generally tied to school settings, teachers are anybody who have moved/changed/altered your sense of appreciation of the world be it through structure academic, mentoring and introducing you to the knowledge which you never had, or have had but needs some extra polishing. Well, my slice of definition !

    Back then, to most of us I believe, a school setting is fun just because we had cool friends and awesome teachers (and that we’re away from our parents). Teehee ! But little did we realise how much of an impact the chemistry between a whole class/individual student with a teacher — be it from the student-teacher relationship aspect or the actual appreciation of a teacher’s teaching, can have on our livelihoods– you know, the things which shape the way we are who we are right now.

    Great teachers

    I had the privilege becoming student to many great teachers –apparently by  looking at the list of schools which my mum has sent me ! Well, my first school after kindy was Convent Bukit Nanas (SRK CBN (2)). CBN 1 was like our rival though back then though in actual fact the only thing which separated us were our class locations,set of friends, and of course, teachers ! I was in CBN an all girls school, from 1989-1993. Next, was abruptly sent to a new school in 1994 where I stayed on for 3 years before moving to another school (form 3) in Pahang. I think I was already getting the rhythm by then. Luckily I had great friends, teachers and support through my 1 year plus stay there before…again, being transferred to yet another city (Seremban) to attend an all girls school, Tunku Kurshiah College. My last 2 years of secondary were spent here. My pool of friends, teachers and mentors could only increase as I moved on to pre-u, and later on, uni. I fumbled and stumbled as a med student, before finally assuring myself to start fresh in a degree in human sciences majoring in Psychology.

    Despite the many ‘changes’ which I’ve experienced as a formal student for  *takes deep breath* 20 years, one thing remains.  That attachment and connection which I share with my favourite teachers. I will list them below, not in order or ranking, but simply in acknowledgement of their existence in my life :-

    Arwah Ustazah Hasnah (Masjid Negara/Pusat Islam)

    Puan Mahanom (CBN)

    Puan Zaini (CBN)

    Pn Charles Mohan (CBN)

    Ms Ng Ah Lan (CBN)

    Pn Zubaidah (CBN)

    Arwah Pn Fatimah Mastan (CBN)

    Datin Hajah Gayah (Sri Utama)

    Encik Aiza Rizal (Sri Utama)

    Pn Nornilawati (Sekolah Menengah Abdul Rahman Talib)

    Pn Azizah Musa (Tunku Kurshiah College)

    Dr Ungku Chulan (International Islamic University Malaysia)

    Prof Naznin (International Islamic University Malaysia)

    Prof Nasar (International Islamic University Malaysia)

    Prof Syukran (International Islamic University Malaysia)

    Tuan Wari (International Islamic University Malaysia)

    The supporting hands

    My teachers are all beautiful souls who have touched my life, directly or indirectly. I needed educational and moral support, and they were there for me. They may not like being called parents outside the family, but some just turned out to be like one. In them we do find comfort, in them we find positive and objective assurance– so honest and so pure.

    Fast forward 10-15 years, some of us would (I hope) still be in touch with our teachers, actively or passively. Some names have been forgotten (its okay, no need to feel so guilty lah..it happens all the time!), while some stick to you like a permanent glue. With the rate of communication technology are laid in front of us, the means of establishing re-connection spikes. But how many of us really do take time to build and foster a relationship which have been left far behind.

    April 16, 2014

    I am talking about myself really.. A dear ustazah of mine was terminally ill, and I managed to visit her only…twice before she passed on. Nothing compared to her hundreds perhaps thousands of visits and hours at my family home, teaching my whole family how to read the Holy Qur’an.. I managed to bid her farewell one last time as her jenazah was lowered down into her final resting place on the 16th April 2014. I remembered getting the news from my mom.. I cried…and cried… but why? Did I do anything wrong to her..? Did I owe her money..? No..! Its that line called.. ‘I wish…’…

    There’s so much to grab on, hold on and endure in our short busy lives. Yet so little attention to the people and things which really and actually matters in the end. I’ve told myself multiple times before, my life is shaped by the people who surrounds me, by those who are dear to me– and yet, this is the way I treated those who really meant a lot to me?

    ‘Nombor 1……!’

    Another teacher who stood out in my early childhood was none other than Miss Ng Ah Lan. She was my Match teacher :) One of my personal favourite. As a young child, all energetic (and tak duduk diam), this particular colourful soul, could sit me down– and I’ll be there on my desk working out a math question. That memory of her walking into the class with a fast click-click pace thanks to her heels, straight to the teacher’s desk while announcing the first ‘congak’ question.. ‘Nombor 1…..’ ..and there we were, small kids squeezing our maths neurons out before ‘Nombor 2….’ was announced. Such passion and energy shown by an examplary teacher and mentor, and a quite cool enthusiasm shown by the class. Miss Ng just brings light and life wherever she goes. Being a small kid back then, I knew this was a teacher I would and will look up to.. We’re talking about memories of 2 decades cramped in a small paragraph here..

    You see how combing for memories just brightens up you life? Would you like to have more beautiful memories which you can reflect on say 15-20 years from now? Simpler said than done, you just need to make yourself more available and reachable by everybody through your kindness, pleasureful presence and that honest extension of a helping hand. You will appreciate it, believe me.

    So that 20++ years arrived yesterday (16 May 2015). I found myself in a small home (well, looks small at least from the front porch), where a beautiful lady lives. She is in her late 50s, and mentioned to me on the phone that a cleaner comes to her home occasionally to help her clean up her house. And there I was, in her house. More humbled than stunned. So here I was, finally— and there stood my childhood idol, mentor and teacher, Ms Ng Ah Lan, greeting and welcoming me m my daughter and a friend in.  Ms Ng is living alone, and her life was basically dedicated to teaching. Like most teachers, I believe Ms Ng (she’s known as Madam Angie now as marked on her t-shirt when she came to guide me from a nearby 7-Eleven), has given more than a lot to so many, and it came down to this reality of witnessing what life it truly about– ya know.. I have to be honest, it took me a while to figure out how to continue off that sentence (in Italic).

     I would like to believe Madam Angie (okay I still prefer to call you Ms Ng !! hehe), is happiest when she is teaching. Like learning and reading, teaching just keeps you alive. And I hope Miss Ng would continue to be happy even after her retirement which is about 3 years from now according to her).

    We sat down and chatted for quite a bit, catching up on all those lost decades between us. My daughter was more interested to explore the house– lots of books, all lined up neatly in a few book shelves, and a pair of rubber boots which my daughter simply can’t help but put on ! Ms Ng showed me around her house– she just moved in 3-4 years ago. I saw that some of her items are still unpacked (since they are not being used). She even offered me her coffee set as she had so many of them. I had to decline as I have many unused sets of my own, LOL ! She eventually succeeded offering my little one a set of children books :) Will come back for your signature lah Ms Ng ! hehhe..

    Offer didn’t end there, even offered to sit/teach/jaga my kid after her retirement. I mean, I’m humbled almost every second I was there in her home.. and there she was all jovial and really treating her guests well. She even offered me to join her for dinner, which again I had to decline as I’ve plans already with my family.

    She continued saying Thank  You to me ..when all I did was drop by to visit— compared to her years of teaching and the impact she has left for all her students. I can only swallow back my feelings. I am naturally an emotional person.. There were no tears when I hugged her goodbye. I guess, it was so much for me to absorb in such a short visit. She stood and waited for me to make a u-turn at the end of the alley. Scrolled the windows down as the car passed in front of her where she continued saying Thank You and putting her palms together.

    A small note for you dear teacher

    Ms Ng, I love you..This sounds pretty much like an open letter now– God knows what is happening behind the computer screen as the blogger writes this, and while (I hope) Ms Ng reads this. We’re constantly looking for figures which we can idolize and relate to. You are one of them. The bond was never lost, just needs to be reconnected, and I hope all of you reading this who have somebody in mind, teacher or mentor, make that first move before its too late. That ‘Message’ icon in your Facebook is screaming ‘Hit Me’ !!!

    To all my teachers and mentors, I would like to wish you a Happy  Teachers Day. All that you’ve given, shared and imparted so selflessly will always be appreciated and kept in mind. May God Bless all of you with a more happy and meaningful life herein and hereafter.

    ps: Please share or click Like this post if you felt it has touched or moved you in any way. It will mean a lot to me, and all the teachers out there, to whom this post is dedicated to.

    Jun 2011. Yes, its me Ms Ng !!!! Finally getting to reconnect after 21 odd years !

    Jun 2011. Yes, its me Ms Ng !!!! Finally getting to reconnect after 21 odd years !


    Munchkin presenting a bouquet of flowers to my Miss Ng ! :)


    Memories made possible. Thanks Najwa for snapping this photo of us. And thanks Miss Ng for having us. Sure was a delight to see you again after soooo long !


  • A (belated) Happy Mother’s Day

    A belated greeting to all the beautiful and ever amazing mothers who are reading this post. You mean the world to your children, you are their idol, admiration and source of inspiration.

    The love and bond connecting you and your off springs can’t be described in words or physical attributes. The affection is spelled through endless commitment in providing the best that you can in molding a character which you wish one day will be able to contribute back to you and love you more than you can ever imagine .

    Remember the first day you held your new born in your arm?  That feeling ‘Ahh..finally, my very own…’, yes, and the soul you were helding is yours (thought very independent in spirit).

    To all mothers, do cherish God’s gracious gift. Its also a responsibility and great task at hand which you have to take care of. However you shape your child, impart endless love, hugs and kisses to them — the impact of your touch and soothing voice will affect them as a super positive enforcer as the grow and learn more about life.

    Regardless of any difficulties which you may be facing now, trust that you are the strong and tough idol which your children can look up to.

    To all mothers, Thank you for being you, and I wish you all the happiness and joy in your life herein and hereafter.

    Just me,


    a-grown-up child (sorta)+a mummy to 2 (soon insyaAllah)


  • Nepal Earthquake Appeal

    5th May 2015, missjewelz.com

    I heard over the radio on my way to work that the Search and Rescue for the recent devastating earthquake in Nepal will come to a halt after more than 7000 bodies of the victims have been recovered from the rubble . However, Nepal still needs the world community support in rebuilding back their lives and hope.

    Some info and stats on the crisis (Source : Wikipedia)

    Date of tragedy : 25th April 2015 (Saturday)

    Time : 11:56:26 (NST)

    Scale of magnitude : 7.8 Richter

    Depth : 15km

    Type : Thrust (More on ‘Thrust)

    Epicenter : Barpak, Ghorka district  28.147°N 84.708°E[1

    Casualties : 7472 dead (official number as at 5 May 2015), and 15,000 + injured (official number as at 5 May 2015)

    For this, lets continue to render  our support by any mean which we can. I am highlighting 3 channels which you can extend some assistance ; the Nepal Embassy (Prime Minister Disaster Relief Fund Nepal) , Malaysia Red Crescent Society and Maybank Nepal Relief Fund. I’ve put in the details in the little poster below, and would truly appreciate it if you can share it with your friends, or on your blogs if you can.



    Source : america.aljazeera.com.  Emergency rescue workers carry a victim on a stretcher after Dharara tower collapsed on April 25, 2015 in Kathmandu, Nepal. Omar Havana / Getty Images

    Source : america.aljazeera.com.
    Emergency rescue workers carry a victim on a stretcher after Dharara tower collapsed on April 25, 2015 in Kathmandu, Nepal. Omar Havana / Getty Images

    Source : Foxnews.com May 2, 2015: A Nepalese boy runs past houses destroyed by last week's earthquake in Pauwathok village, Sindhupalchok district, Nepal. (AP)

    Source : Foxnews.com
    May 2, 2015: A Nepalese boy runs past houses destroyed by last week’s earthquake in Pauwathok village, Sindhupalchok district, Nepal. (AP)

    APTOPIX Nepal Earthquake Baby Rescue

    In this Sunday, April 26, 2015, photo taken by Amul Thapa and provided by KathmanduToday.com, four-month-old baby boy Sonit Awal is held up by Nepalese Army soldiers after being rescued from the rubble of his house in Bhaktapur, Nepal.

    My prayer goes to all in Nepal, and all the Nepalese around the world.


  • The Iron(man) Beauty

    Almost sound like a name for a new bike –?Nah..

    Just toggled my mind over a few things this afternoon (GST was one of it). But I thought I’d share this one –> Ironman. I have completed only 1 Ironman distance when I was still in my 20s, but the memory of it still lives on. The combined effort of planning and commitment level outputs a great result (no matter what the finishing time is/was).

    Preparing (starting from a rough (almost) unreadable sketch of the ‘blueprint’ when I first started having the hint of wanting to complete the event, to the drilling down of plans (oohh I love training plans), and how it fits in my life schedule (then). Next to the logistics of training, taking in races as prelim to the big day, counting down … all the way to actual event week. Suddenly all which happened before falls into a distance past, and its down to you and the finish line to make up the distance. Of course, the desire, passion, knowledge and endurance which you’ve been training all this while comes into blended juice for the mind, body and soul. On the outside, your supporter; family are friends are there to cheer you on, while your training buddies/rivals or foe are on the same track , hopefully to motivate everybody to make that home run a reality..!

    To some Ironman athletes, whatever preparation they’ve done is essential and a great assessment to their readiness for the event. For some, the experience through out the 140.6miles speaks volume not only for the ‘homework’ and ‘revision’ they’ve done. They need and they desire to pass the test, by hook or crook. I find it amazing the different stories I’ve heard, and with the finishers I have met– got kissed by the jelly fish, heel/feet bled throughout the race thanks to the stones weighing down the buoy throughout the race course, or even a bad tummy just right before race start. Its no joke, especially when you have a grueling 226km to cover ahead of you, body + soul !! To the survivors, the fighters and the determined — whatever staged before and during this event, is in a way a reflection of who you (really) are.

    Life principles and values don’t change drastically, and this can be seen through all our actions , including how we respect the distance, and the be humble towards the ‘fighters’ and ‘survivors’ before us. Their experience(s) speak for themselves. And to a certain extent, their results.

    Results (especially the ones above average) can be double edge sword– depending on how you would like to look at it. Previous performance could call for a better and more serious training and effort to roll-out a better result. Some Ironman triathletes use their performance and experience to encourage fellow tri-buddies and newbies to take on the challenge, and perhaps offer more than 1 useful tip for training/race.

    Hate to say this, but some make boasting their past achievements as a full-time hobby. Worse still, if its used for conversations goign along this line ‘Who’s who/ Who are you?’. I’ve heard stories from friends about this and unfortunately this is a reality.

    Some take the back seat, and will mostly talk on their drama-filled experience training/racing for the big event – no matter what the result was. Result is secondary. In the end, how you ‘make up’, and continue your life and flourish your relationships with the people around you is not dependent on the timing result boldly printed on that finished cert. It can be a source of motivation/inspiration for others (and even yourself when you really need it). But Ironman is simply beyond that..

    Somebody recently told me that I’ve to let go my Ironman memory (well , there’s only 1!)..And I agree. What I want to re-live are those positive take-aways from that experience. The whole principle and value thing I was talking about in previous para. 13:42 .. there are plenty out there who’s done (and will do better) than timing. Its not a comforting entity which will take away life’s turbulence/tests nor it is a saviour in times of need.  Nor will I use it for a cheap selling point for myself. There’s plenty more than just this if only we can take a step back to see the overall picture. Same thing applies when you do other performance sports, its how you survived, on and on !

    True Ironman = Real survivor = Rolls through rough patches and ground just like a Toyota 4Runner and like a Jeep Wrangler if submerged. Only exception with us human, we are better !! -missjewelz, April 2015-

    Just me,


    p.s. wishing all the best to all taking part in Sabah Adventure Challenge and Time Putrajaya 70.3 this weekend. Have a safe and fun race ! I have a special announcement to make tomorrow, especially to those heading to Putrajaya this weekend. Please log on tomorrow afternoon for the news !

    I’ve compiled a listing of events remaining for this year, please click here, and scroll right to the end until you see the list . :) Adios !

  • Without You

    Stumbled on this tune recently and got hooked right away. Melodic,easy with a John Lennon-ish feel throughout . Think ‘Imagine’. Makes you want to slow down and rethink those steps you’ve taken recently and play the chess board wiser !

    The singer is Tobias Jesso Jr. ,an up and rising singer from Vancouver, Canada.

    Enjoy the song :)

    Lyrics below:-

    Without YouTobias Jesso Jr.


    [Verse 1]
    Why can’t you just love me?
    Should I move on or should I wait?
    How’d you get so high above me?
    I reach higher every day
    But nothing changes
    No, it all just stays the same

    I can hardly breathe without you
    There is no future I want to see without you
    I just don’t know who I would be without you
    There is nothing out there for me without you
    Without you

    [Verse 2]
    I feel like I just hit the ground
    Wish I could show you what it’s like
    But you will never come down
    And I’ve been staying up at night
    To face the changes
    But they all just stay the same


    Oh, what have you got to lose?
    Oh, what have you got to lose?
    Oh, what have you got to lose?

    I can hardly breathe without you
    There is no future I want to see without you
    I just don’t know who I would be without you
    There is nothing out there for me without you
    There is nothing out there, there is nothing out there
    There is nothing out there without you


  • Not a Sayur-day at all !

    Alhamdulillah manage to complete the course for a 10KM run last Saturday (actual distance was slightly shorter). Finished energetic despite lack of training. Took it easy, maintained a moderate heart rate and walked steadily up steep hills !

    Some pics below :-

    Preparing for race day is always fun ! Check out my gears (top to toe) : Zoot cap, Capster sport hijab (dri-fit), Karrimor long sleeve (drifit) and Moving Comfort running pants

    Me and a friend. She’s super fast !

    Part of the crowd heading to start line

    School buddy since 1997 ! Congrats Najwa and thanks for the support !

    Posing with the event backdrop !

    Just happy to get moving again ! Finisher medal is bonus.

    One word : Salute ! More and more parents can indulge into their hobby and passion for running without leaving em babies behind. Run together ! Here’s a father and his son after crossing the finish line (and waiting for mummy to arrive)

    A few friends and I :) Congrats Komi on the podium !

    Starting from scratch (yes, months and months of being dormant) is not easy and I appreciate new runners who are starting of in their goals of becoming a fitter and healthier person. It is always a good thing to start something positive, no matter how small or short the steps.

    To last a certain distance requires a commitment pre, during and after the event. Same applies sports other than running. The discipline built within will endure a person to last and achieve better satisfaction in future sports events. I have enjoyed this simple sports of running since I was a little child. It is the most basic form of sporting (unless you seriously consider sitting down playing competitive chess a ‘sport’ ) which can be picked up by anybody. Not much gears involved. Perhaps some basic knowledge on running, and the experience which comes with it.

    Anyway, I made it to the finish line , happy, and that is all that matters to me. Knee and legs badly needs conditioning and I look forward to become fitter than the current stage I am in.

    To all taking part in the Ironman 70.3 Putrajaya this weekend, my best wishes and luck ! Race smart and see you on race day, InsyaAllah. I will be there to support :)


    On the side, upcoming 2015 sports events** in Malaysia :-


    3-5 April – Sabah Adventure Challenge 

    5 April – Time Ironman 70.3 Putrajaya

    11 April – Shape Night Run

    12 April – Kapas Marang International Swimathon 2015 (registration closed)

    12 April – Kemensah Krazy (Trail run)

    12 April – UNISEL Fund Run

    26 April- Bidor Half Marathon

    26 April – Hulu Langat Trail Run

    26 April – Colour Run 

    26 April – Harumanis Adventure Trail Run


    3 May – Kenyir Lake International Triathlon

    3 May – Borneo International Marathon

    24 May – Klang Premiere Century Ride 2015


    6 June – Terengganu 12 Hours and Turtle Beach Run

    12-14 June – Cycle Asia Kuala Lumpur

    14 June – Penang Bridge Half Marathon


    29 August – Borneo 100K Ultra Trail


    6 September – PJ Half Marathon


    8 November – International Nuang Jungle Marathon

    14 November – Ironman Langkawi, Malaysia

    **sources : Triathlon Malaysia and Pacesetters Malaysia official website

    For cycling events please proceed to this link .

  • A belated new year’s shout out !

    New Year shout out 

    Dear all, I am not sure what exactly has been lingering my attention that I have not been a good blogger the past 3 months but I hope it is not too late for belated New Year and Gong Xi Fa Cai shout out to everybody ! 2015 is speeding by like nobody’s business any slowmo will be left behind. So, let’s buck up the pace and work (and play) for the best year of our lives this year regardless of the turbulence(s) which we have or will go through.

    Pretty much focused on family life nowadays and grooming a 2 year old become a good and respectful human being. And of course, other life responsibilities. Somehow lagging on the sports and races front, I still somehow manage quick lunchtime workouts in the comfort of the gym in my office. 30-40 mins per session is all it takes for me to burn some quality calories.

    Balance is the word

    There are many races out and about which I see people sharing and posting on Facebook and other social media platform, so 2 thumbs up to all who are taking part in these healthy activities. I am slowing down competitively at the moment as I have other ‘competition’ to run ! Yes, being a mom, wife, full-time office job — is more than enough that I can ask these days. It is tiring (now that I know) and I really respect those moms out there who hold both a full-time job at work, and as a mother to their children. And thanks to their hubbies to in understanding and supporting their 21st century wives.

    Still, nothing has stopped me hitting the outdoors sometimes with my little one. I took her to Taman Negara where we went on the canopy walk and a very adventurous hike up Bukit Terasek and also through the Kuala Tahan river to visit an Orang Asli settlement. And since FRIM is not too far off, this has been a regular weekend stop for me, my daughter and a couple of friends. Do-able.

    What’s next ?

    Next up, my company is organising a 10km run this Sunday. I have not ran a 10km for (…cricket sound…)..So, all the best to me and I will just put my best Brooks shoe forward and complete the course running, walking or crawling of need me. Oh by the way, I am selling of my Scotts Contessa mountain bike.  Anybody interested, please contact me by hitting the ‘Contact’ link you see above this post. Meantime please be patient until I have the photo of this bike up in my next post.

    Till then folks !

    ps: some photos from my disk space !

    Coz its a National Park kinds day !

    Coz its a National Park kinda day !

    Bukit Terasik, Taman Negara, Kuala Tahan, Pahang-- hiked and conquered. Pack leader in pink tshirt.

    Bukit Terasik, Taman Negara, Kuala Tahan, Pahang– hiked and conquered. Pack leader in pink tshirt.

    The 'Yes I still got it' kinda pose. Amazing view of the nature !

    The ‘Yes I still got it’ kinda pose. Amazing view of the nature !

    Lil munchkin found a new friend  at my high school picnic gathering at the Lake Gardens, KL.

    Lil munchkin found a new friend at my high school picnic gathering at the Lake Gardens, KL.

    Recent CNY get together. Raymond and Michelle enjoying the company of a few cute and adorable kids. :)

    Recent CNY get together at Brickfield’s renowned Annalakhsmi Vegetarian Restaurant. Raymond and Michelle enjoying the company of a few cute and adorable kids. :)

    Can't find a clearer group of everybody, but this is the best. Yours truly on the left hand face half covered by my daughter's cute hands. heheh

    Can’t find a clearer group of everybody, but this is the best. Yours truly on the left hand face half covered by my daughter’s cute hands. heheh

    Me grinning in my pink-black Karrimor drifit top from Sports Direct ! Taken during a recent hike up the Kiara Hills

    Me grinning in my pink-black Karrimor drifit top from Sports Direct ! Taken during a recent hike up the Kiara Hills

    Preparing healthy meals should not be seasonal.. *self-reminder*. This was homemade brekkie last weekend. Omelette with cheese !

    Preparing healthy meals should not be seasonal.. *self-reminder*. This was homemade brekkie last weekend. Omelette with cheese !

    Shall hashtag this as #throwback #campakbelakang #campakdulukala ? haha..there will always be  a time for everything, but not every time for everything..Sounds familiar? Shall see to this once my  progeny are older and bigger enough ! Mean time, I'm making sure mummy does a good job being a good mummy and example. (p.s. its not exactly harder than Ironman or SAC)--just lots of patience, commitment and perseverance.

    Shall hashtag this as #throwback #campakbelakang #campakdulukala ? Taken 2011 during a training session with the rest of the now-veteran Ironman gang. haha..There will always be a time for everything, but not every time for everything..Sounds familiar? Shall see to this once my progeny are older and bigger enough ! Mean time, I’m making sure mummy does a good job being a good mummy and example. (p.s. its not exactly harder than Ironman or SAC)–just lots of patience, commitment and perseverance.


  • Big Bad Wolf Book Sale, Mines International Exhibition & Convention Centre (5-16 December 2014)

    If you have not thought of going, or still in between on giving this book sale a shot, I would highly recommend for you to go. This year it is held at the Mines International Exhibition & Convention Centre.

    Do not be put off by the location or the fact that the convention centre looks like it need some touching up, as the book prices will certainly beat whatever facts you have on the venue location and condition. But it really doesn’t matter as the building still serves its function and have been used for many trade fairs and exhibitions, forums, launches, annual dinners, weddings and even a chef competition !

    Reaching the place

    For first timers, all you need is Waze and some sense of direction. Key in ‘Mines International Exhibition..’ and let brother Waze lead you the way. The exhibition center is not too far off from the Golden Palace Hotel, Mines Waterfront Business Park and The Mines Resort & Golf Club (think Sungai Besi Expressways/Lebuhraya Sungai Besi/E9.


    I parked within the exhibition centre and the entrance fee for parking is RM4. Once you have made the payment (please bring small change), you will be ushered to the indoor parking. I kind of lost my way searching for the parking entrance I ended up parking near the entrance lobby.

    And that was how I found out that the organiser has organised for book collection (you drop your books at with the porter, get your car, and collect your books at the drive through collection point near the entrance lobby).


    There will be thousands of visitors and assuming thousands of cars, please do not bring any valuable items. Leave them at home.

    If you know you will be having your hands full with books, small children perhaps, keep your belongings to the minimal and secured. I will prefer a zipped bag than an open tote bag to keep my cellphone, wallet etc. If you are coming with friends, colleagues, plan a meet-up-point ahead so that you do not waste time looking for them in the exhibition centre. (Think Where’s Wallie ?!).

    I heard at least 2 announcements of mom/child looking for child/mom. My guess is one of them did not have a cellphone with them, or the ring volume was just too low for the very large and loud hall :)

    There is 1 entry point, and 1 exit point into and out of the main exhibition hall.

    The exit alley !

    What else to bring ?

    A grocery-trolley big and sturdy enough to place the books which you will be carrying. I even saw small suitcases on the floor ! The organiser have also prepared cardboard boxes to help visitors carry their books around while browsing the alleys and blocks of books !

    Credit card/cash which ever preferable. Official credit card is Hong Leong Bank

    Cardboxes for the book hunters ! VERY handy.

    What books do they have there?

    I found out on this a tad too late. The list of books at the sale can be found here at their website. So you can sort of plan what to look for.

    One thing that the organise can do in the future is to place the location of the books (ie which alley/row) on top of which categories the books belong to. And even those e-kiosks/apps where you can browse the books/location of the books . The books at the sale are generally divided into these categories ; Fiction, Non-Fiction, Graphic novels, Children, Malay Books — marked by big and visible signage hooked from the ceiling of the hall.

    But if you do not have anything in mind, the section markings will work fine enough to lead you to the sections which you might be interested in.

    Notice the section markings with the Big Bad Wolf orange logo ?

    What books did I get ?

    Most of the books I got were for my daughter, school-going nieces and nephews. The children/picture books section is located right at the entrance so naturally those will be the sections any visitors with kids will skim through before visiting rest of the section.

    All stacked up for this young reader to sit on it !

    I spent a great deal of time at this section entertaining my dearest daughter — from Hello Kitty picture dictionary to sticker books. And yes, I had to quietly put back some which was a bit too advance for a 24 month old to digest ! Prices ranged from RM2, RM6, RM8 and RM12. I stocked up on the RM2 books to give to my nieces and nephews.

    For myself? 1 self-help book, 1 audio cd (self-help also), a book on EQ, on cycling, comfort food diet cook book and a man Darin Chinese learning book (with CD) — in total 6 books for myself earning my wallet only RM51!! Regular retail price would have costed me at least 8 times more of what I paid last Saturday !

    How cheap were the books ?

    Darn cheap you can stock up for years of reading and referencing. The prices are slashed from 75% – 95%.

    There are no books such as old books as I believe knowledge last forever and the only thing that makes a difference is how much will the knowledge change/improve you or your views/skills (from reading)  — what I am saying is, its totally worth the visit. You know where to get the cheap bargain for valuable reading now ! Its here at the Big Bad Wolf book sale !

    Satisfied with the purchase, organisation and customer service?

    Yes, definitely ! The support staff and cashier were friendly. When I asked if somebody could help to send the books to my car, the cashier quickly signaled a colleague to assist me.

    Home delivery service counter located after exiting the cashier/main hall

    How was the queue at the cashier?

    I think I came before the peak hour, and I made the stay short enough to beat the incoming readers traffic. The cashier will put up a placard reading ‘Next’ once he or she is ready for the next customer. Yeah, its was pretty good and fast.

    Trolley at your service !

    Will you recommend the Big Bad Wolf book sale ?

    Definitely !! I have no complaints. Only recommendation for the event’s improvement mentioned in this article.

    Where can I get more info on the Big Bad Wolf book sale ?

    Check out their website here

    The Big Bad Wolf welcomes you ! Very carnival-ish !


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